In-between times

It’s been a few weeks since my sister’s wedding, but it’s still weird being done with the dress. In the month leading up to the wedding, I spend 30-ish hours a week on the dress, kicking up to about 60 hours in the week before. And in the six months before that, I spent anywhere from 5-15 hours per week on it.  The time I spent sewing was the tip of the iceberg, however, compared to how much time I spent thinking about it. Given a construction problem (when and how to underline, boning channel placement, sew-in cups, neckline stabilization…), I’ll chew it over and over like the ruminant I am. A perpetual internal dialog about construction and 200+ hours of sewing is a commitment of a completely different scale than what I’ve invested in any previous project, including my coat. I loved (almost) every minute of it, but it’s left me in a rather odd state.

For one, I’ve come to the realization that I bought a bunch of sewing stuff while in my wedding dress trance – vintage/used patterns and some new (and rather vibrant) fabrics. I got to hang out with Sanae this week and she hypothesized that my sewing wishes were coming out in the form of purchases. I completely agree. Even though I loved sewing the dress, I still lusted after other projects that had to be put off.



Paradoxically, with all the fabric and patterns and projects ready for me, I’ve found it a bit hard to get sewing again since finishing. I’ll get excited about it when I’m at work, but will end up happier spending time in our until-now neglected garden or watching Star Trek TNG with Nathan. I did plod through a black linen Gabriola last weekend. I love wearing it, but the sewing felt a bit like a chore.|garden

So I’m rolling with that feeling. I’ve gotten less and less good at forcing myself into things, which I’m taking as a sign of personal growth. “Disciplined” and “motivated” were words that people used to describe me when I was younger. Those compliments were like food to me at the time, but when I look back I realize how little I trusted my own instincts and interests at that age. I worked for good grades in every subject because that’s how I viewed success and I logged miles of running and ate low-fat foods because that’s how I viewed health. I try to ease off sewing when I get that duty-bound feeling, that I should be sewing because it’s the only way to enjoy myself. When that beyond-excited-to-sew obsessive feeling comes rushing back, though, you’d better believe I’ll be following into my sewing room.

So for now, I’ll leave you with a peek of the lace draping for my sister’s dress bodice. Still trying to figure out how to blog about this project… | wedding dress lace draping

What do you do after finishing a large project? Any rituals to share?


My week in photos

Here are my favorite photos of the week! It’s finally been sunny and warm in Seattle.

Nathan and I trade off doing kitty box duties. The changing of the guard is completed by drawing a new kitty-related picture on our kitchen chalkboard. Here is Nathan’s from last week:


Here is the nephew’s birthday bunting in action last weekend! It looks so festive outdoors, don’t you think?


And, because I’m just smitten with our p-patch, here’s another picture. The kale (in front) is doing especially great! I also added some scrap wood in to solidify the access paths.


Back next week with some new sewing projects to share! Happy weekend!

My week in pictures

It’s so easy to take pictures in the summer! Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Against all odds, Nathan and I were selected for a p-patch near our apartment! Here’s our first harvest, some gorgeous frisee.


And here’s Nathan watering. (Just outside of the frame is the Space Needle).


Thoroughly cleaning our storage space unearthed treasure in the form of candy and a note from our
friend Kristin. Even though the fun-size candy bars were over a year old, they still tasted amazing.


Bee had a birthday recently. I’d spotted this bee locket on etsy quite awhile ago and realized that it was perfect for my sister/co-blogger!


My baby nephew turns 1 (!!) this weekend and I was able to offer up my considerable scrap pile of fabric for the occasion by making some modified bunting flags.


All in all, a good week, full of vegetables, sewing, and a day off right in the middle of the week. I hope your weeks were highly enjoyable too.