Bee and I had so much fun yesterday! We were invited to a clothing swap held by fantastic and thrifty Elizabeth of La Vida Desconocida.  We showed up with 6-7 bags of clothes between us, having leaned on Elizabeth to host after our recent wardrobe purges.

We organized loosely by item type: dress, skirt, pants, jacket, sweater, shirt, shoes, accessories, housewares. Then, a very polite free-for-all ensued. Many a “if you don’t want it, I’d like to try it on” and “oh! this might look better on you!” were heard.

Our hostess Elizabeth (left), wears a dress from Bee,
and Katie checks out a shirt.

Here’s the official Crab and Bee haul. It must be noted that there were three sister swaps, a tank and jeans that went from me to the Bee, and then a shirt that went from her to me. I laid future claim on some items that I’m hoping she gets tired of, and vice versa.

Our combined haul!

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest starting up a clothing exchange with some fun ladies! It’s an extremely pleasant way to spend a morning and a good excuse to down some mimosas.


The Great Wardrobe Sort

Dresses: 5 work-ready dresses, 4 casual dresses
Sweaters: 2 grey sweaters,1 black cardigan, 2 vesty-like sweaters
Shirts: 4 dressier shirts, 4 dressier tanks, 6 basic tanks, 4 basic t-shirts
Pants / Shorts: 4 pairs of jeans, white, 3 pairs of shorts
Skirts: 6 skirts, 3 casual shorter skirts
Shoesies: 2 flats, 1 pair of truncated cowboy boots, 1 pair of ridic. heels

What I learned I clear out my closet almost monthly, so I was surprised to find that I had 20 pieces of clothing I wanted to give away! I guess looking at everything together made me more honest.

What I need
I don’t really need anything aside from 1-2 nicer dresses for the rash of weddings I’ll be attending this year.

What I want
This is a different story. I’d like to get

  • Shirts that aren’t tank tops, anything from 3/4 length to cap sleeved
  • 1-2 more cardigans that I don’t dislike. (I begrudgingly kept the aforementioned uninspiring black cardigan). 
  • Dresses, esp. a body-con black tank dress or a flattering maxi-dress.  
  • Long blazer
  • Dressier sandals I can walk in

Now the (lackadaisical) search begins! Bee, it’s your turn…