Bridesmaid dress

I haven’t been in many weddings, but they seem like good opportunities to stretch stylistically as one of your jobs is to fit into someone else’s vision. One of my best friends invited me to be in her wedding party and I tried not to look dubious when she said her colors were shades of green. (Pretty sure the last time you saw me in a true green was in 2013.)

But she is one of my favorite people, someone I’ve known for over half my life, and if she asked me to wear highlighter yellow, I would. So I set out to find a good green for my skin tone, and ended up with a lovely emerald rayon crepe.

Then came the pattern search. Simplicity 2406, an older pattern I hadn’t really entertained purchasing even during the height of my Cynthia Rowley craze, called to me. I don’t know why I didn’t jump all over it before – it features a big hole where my hardest-to-fit body part is!

img_20160731_154939 | Simplicity 2406

I made a few modifications, closing up part of the back bodice, turning the neckline gathers into pleats as my rayon crepe fabric was bulky enough to warrant it, and adding an elastic waist channel.


I finished the edge of my hem with contrasting bias binding, then stitched it by hand.


My sis did my makeup and hair, which was a total treat. She used hot rollers to give my hair “a uniform vision”.


The bridal party wore all different shades of green. Combined with the lush outdoor venue and loads of pale flowers mixed with foliage, the effect was stunning. Consider me a green convert.

I also made a trial garment – a top – before sewing my dress, from a remnant left over from my jumper dress, and it’s one of my most-worn pieces this summer! | Simplicity 2406

This is one of those patterns I could sew on repeat, but it’s such a distinct design I’m putting it on hold for now. Unless the urge to make it in a challis print or linen solid becomes too strong…

Have you revisited any designs that were popular when you started sewing?


74 thoughts on “Bridesmaid dress

  1. Lovely dress, I think it looks great on and it’s a super colour, I have the pattern in my stash and might need to dig it out and give it a try. Those sleeves are everywhere although I’m usually way behind trends.

  2. I love that shade of green, and the fabric looks like it has such a nice texture. I like the alteration you made to the back. You look lovely in it, and your hair and make up looks perfect! I’d love to have someone give my hair a ‘uniform vision’! I’m currently considering using the Sorbetto pattern (my first ever successful make) to make a crop top. The only problem is I don’t think I kept the pattern which I made the first version from as I printed it off at the wrong scale, which turned out to fit me much better than the latter versions I made once I printed it off at the right scale!

    1. I remember your Sorbetto from Me-Made-May! I hope you find the right percentage to scale your pattern – I wonder if you could find an easy measurement on the garment to find it?

  3. That shade of green looks awesome on you! One of my best friends got married a few years ago and her wedding color was teal (ugh) … I ended up making my own bridesmaid dress as well.

      1. too late, I got rid of the dress a long time ago … sort of unfortunate since it was strapless with a lined bodice and built in corset boning but it’s a good suggestion!

  4. Lovely dress! This green looks great on you 🙂 It must have been a nice bonus not to have to fit the shoulders! They are my problem fitting area as well.
    I am not sure about revisiting designs… I tend to stick with a lot of tried and true patterns, but then something new pops up or I develop a new obsession with a pattern I didn’t think I likes. So I guess it kind of happens all the time!

    1. There are a lot of great new designs coming out constantly. I do have a terrible weakness for used patterns on Etsy, though, which is how I ended up re-finding this one!

    1. I can’t walk down the street without seeing 5 people in them! Maybe Cynthia Rowley is psychic. I wouldn’t mind wearing more green after making this dress – I’m a fan!

    1. I think I just looked for a shade that was closest to blue 🙂 But now that I’ve made this dress and been in such a lovely green-themed wedding, I’m considering sewing more with it.

  5. Love that green! Great dress, I especially love the back, and I think the mod from gathers to pleats really makes it contemporary. I love how bridal parties seem to be less strict these days – variations on green sounds like a perfect mix of coordinated but not hyper-controlled 🙂

    1. I like that, too. I remember reading some bridal feature in People magazine when I was a teenager and seeing a model’s wedding with the party in all shades of dove grey, pastel blue and ivory – it was incredible!

  6. This is a bridesmaid dress that you’ll be able to wear again at least! I really like emerald greens so I’m totally biased, but you really do look awesome in this colour. Green is all about getting the right tone, so it is great that you got to choose yours!

  7. Lovely dress. That shade of green is gorgeous and one of my favorites. Green can be tough to get/feel right, and it looks great on you. Also, killer ring. Ruby/garnet? It’s hard to tell from the photo.

  8. Oh, Morgan, this is gorgeous! It’s a perfect dress! And that shade of green really suits you! With your different makeup look, you remind me a bit of the actress Maggie Siff. Super glorious dress, dude!

    1. It’s strange – I don’t think we look like each other in real life but I agree that we do in these pics! I think it’s the brow definition or something. Thank you, Sonja!

  9. You and your work look gorgeous! That dress is one that you’ll be able to pull out any time you need something fancy with a little bit extra – anniversary dinners, for example.

    Your posts are somewhat widely spaced, but it just ends up being more special when they do arrive. 🤗

  10. That is a gorgeous shade of green. You have perfected the simple yet elegant balance. I remember when everybody was sewing this up, and there was some discussion about it being a bra-unfriendly style…I guess stitching up the back seam some helped this. Do you need a strapleess bra with this or are notmal straps covered by the little bit of shoulder that is sewn?

  11. You look wonderful! The dress is beautiful and the shade of green is a great color on you. Turning gathers into pleats for a heavier fabric is a good idea – I will try that:-)

  12. What a beautiful dress! I love your modifications. I don’t know what it originally looked like, but it looks like it was made to look like that.

  13. As for revisiting designs from my beginner sewing days… I made quite a few bell bottoms, and they seem to be coming back so who knows…

  14. Lovely! That green is beautiful on you. Maybe I need to find patterns that have a hole at my hard to fit body parts…. Although with trousers that might be awkward….. Hmmmmm…..

  15. You and the dress make a beautiful combo! I feel like green is a really underrated colour when it comes to fashion. My sister (who was my only bridesmaid) wore a dress in an emerald green raw silk to my wedding. It looked amazing. Also… I might have just gone and nabbed this pattern online having read your post. Thanks for reminding me of it!

    1. They are everywhere now! I’ve never been so on-trend. 🙂 What I really liked about this pattern is how jauntily the sleeve hem sticks out – it looks like a bell or something.

  16. Oh, Cynthia! Her patterns are the bob-omb 😀 This is super cute, Morgan! The green is rather sassy and it drapes beautifully. A big congrats to your friend as well!

  17. It’s the holy grail of bridesmaid dresses – one that you can actually wear again! I too really like emerald green, although I’ve struggled to get it into my wardrobe of neutrals. As for patterns, I tend to go with the new or the tried and true. But I keep them if they have interesting details, or something unusual, like these sleeves. They don’t take that much room to store, and then they will be there if the mood strikes.

      1. Yup, grey and black are out of the running! I do like green and navy, though. This green is actually my mum’s favourite colour, she had a gorgeous green and ivory silk dress when I was a kid. Of course the nice thing about a dress is that it doesn’t need other pieces to make an outfit!

  18. I love this green on you! It can be difficult to find just the right shade, which is why I don’t have more of it in my closet. I recognized that CR pattern as soon as I saw your first picture… such a cute pattern but I can’t remember ever seeing it made up before. Great pick!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! This fabric actually reminded me of your shirt dress fabric, which I loved. I’d seen a few examples when I was starting to sew and thought it looked cool but just never went for it.

  19. yay for emerald green!! i’m happy you’ve converted now to green. 😀 that is one gorgeous dress, and oh-so-trendy with the cold shoulder detail. you made me want to get that pattern!

  20. I have that Cynthia Rowley pattern but I haven’t made it yet. I got McCalls 2401 in my early days of sewing and I’ve made it like 5 times. It’s a super basic shift dress with different necklines but once you know how to make it work for you it always looks great. When I found out it was out of print I immediately snatched one up from Etsy.

  21. Just gorgeous, Morgan – you and the dress! I love the bit about this dress omitting your hardest-to-fit body part! Why didn’t I ever think about that?!

  22. Morgan this dress looks beautiful on you, and that green is perfect! I love those shoulder cut outs. It’s all perfect! I love how your friend went with different shades of green, I bet that was really pretty!

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