Post season

Every season, I think I’m going to get really on top of things and blog as I sew. Yet at every equinox and solstice, I’m left with quite a few un-blogged, unseasonal projects. I’m considering calling this an Australian sewing blog in hopes of creating timely content… but before I go that route, however, I have a couple of late-summer/early fall pieces to share! | Vogue 1387

I made Vogue 1387 again in silk crepe de chine, taking a page out of Katie’s book and swapping the neckline for a scoop and changing construction accordingly. I LOVE IT. It’s made the pleats a little awkward, so if I make it again I’ll turn them into gathers. And consider a swayback adjustment. And a big butt adjustment. And maybe I’ll iron before I take pictures…

I also made my new-to-me standard adjustments – 1/2″ square/forward shoulder adjustment – as well as lengthen the bodice by an extra 1″ this time and the front looks much better; the back probably didn’t need it. | Vogue 1387 | Vogue 1387

Like before, I ignored the gusset/band insertion markings because they are just wrong! The drawstring channel construction – which I’m pretty dang sure is incorrect as written in the pattern – was simplified because of the design change. | Vogue 1387

This top isn’t strictly for summer; in fact, in silk it’s better suited to a less sweaty season. (Anyone else ever think of that Outkast lyric “in a silk suit trying not to sweat” when they’re wearing this sensitive fiber?) Anyway, I’m thinking it may find its way into winter rotation with a cardigan. | Cloth Habit Watson

Later in August, I got obsessed with the Watson Bra pattern and made myself three versions in short order: a gorgeous but way too tiny black dotted non-stretch mesh version (begrudgingly gifted to my sister after a day of wearing yielded no additional ease), a very sensible and much more comfortable nude version (not pictured as it’s a very intimate-looking intimate!) AND a swimsuit bikini top with a matching pair of high-waisted bottoms based on my favorite So, Zo undies. | Cloth Habit Watson bikini top, So, Zo undies

I’m tempted to fill in the missing 2-3″ at the mid-section (yes, the bottoms are that high-waisted!) and make a one-piece for next year.

As for what I’m sewing now, I’ve got dreams for my precious Japan fabrics but before I allow myself to start in on them I’m virtuously finishing up a long-overdue jacket project for my husbo! I’m using Vogue 8842 (OOP, purchased on eBay), modified for both fit and style. The sleeve fit threw me off for a long time and I was doing my best to ignore the whole project. It’s still not perfect but I think he would prefer to have a jacket before “Australian winter” is upon us again… | Vogue 8842


44 thoughts on “Post season

  1. Some lovely sewing there. I love the design details on that top, especially the back, which are much clearer in the plain fabric you have chosen for this version. There was a Vogue pattern sale here last week and now I am annoyed that I did not snap this pattern up.

    Such a shame that pretty black mesh bra does not hoo.

    1. Yah, I think this design really shines in a solid. Too bad about missing the pattern sale! Although it might be a good drafting exercise??

      Re: the black bra, I know!! I’m at least glad it found a good home with my sis – she loves it. Now I know I can’t just swap in non-stretch mesh without sizing up; seems very silly to think I could, in retrospect!

  2. I’m intrigued by your Watson bikini top, did you skip the closure at the back? I guess that with a stretchy cradle and back band it’s easier to get on and off… I’m quite keen to make some togs for my Kiwi summer.

    1. I did skip the closure completely, cut the piece on the fold and changed the shape so it’s pretty much a straight rectangle. My swimsuit fabric – even combined with lining – was stretchier than the pattern recommends, I think, so I took some ease out of the back. I’ve had no problems getting it on and off, although it might be nicer with a closer. I think Lladybird did the shorter view as a swimsuit with a hook closure?

  3. haha – it was 39C here in my corner of Western Australia on the weekend (102F) so your Vogue top and the bikini would have been perfect.

  4. Hope you can get that blouse put into your winter clothing rotation. It’s much too pretty to hold off from wearing. The color looks great on you, too!

  5. Gorgeous projects! I love the bra and bikini. I keep being tempted by the lovely lingerie projects I see popping up. And the magenta of that top? Swoon. Never show my hubby your hubby’s jacket – I’ll never hear the end of it LOL!

    1. Ha that reminds me – my husband recently went to a group brunch wearing jeans I’d made him. My friend (who sews) told me later that her boyfriend got really wide-eyed when he learned I’d sewn them and has gotten obsessed with the idea of her making him jeans! Once you get a taste of custom clothing…

  6. Ha! I have the opposite problem! Lots of unblogged winter pieces (and almost officially summer here). Love that top, gorgeous colour. And yay for Watsons, that mesh is sensational. Keep em coming 😀

  7. Lovely stuff!! Love the bikini and yes, a one-piece would be epic. Made a Watson bikini earlier in the summer, but I found that when I lined the bottoms they went down in size. Keeping this in mind I’m planning to make another pair for a trip to Costa Rica later in the year. Did you have the same issue when you lined them?

    1. I actually used another pattern, the So, Zo undies which are probably more full-coverage. I did widen the, ahem, crotch, but left the rest of the edges as-is. I bind the edges with FOE for undies so stitching in elastic on the edges and folding it over took away some width. I wear my undies slightly looser than I would swimsuit, so the addition of lining and loss of some SA was ok. Lucky you, going to Costa Rica!

  8. I’m into reading about your sewing no matter what the season. Or hemisphere. That fuschia top is gorgeous, and the color looks spectacular on you. And, like all posts about the watson, yours are making me wonder why I haven’t sewin it yet. And I STILL think you should keep that jacket for yourself. Is the fabric water resistant? Where did you get it?

    1. Nathan has started looking at me suspiciously as I sew the jacket! He begrudgingly admitted it “looked pretty cute” on me. The fabric is organic cotton twill – I’ve ordered swatches from a couple of sources in the past (Organic Cotton Plus and, which is where this is from) and I think it’s the same stuff based on the colorways. It’s by no means water resistant, but N is considering applying some wax. Have you gone that route on your Minoru?

  9. Your pink blouse is so, so gorgeous! What a beautiful color on you. I really love the idea of turning the Watson into a bikini… will have to file that idea away for next summer! Can’t wait to see that jacket, it’s looking great.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I got to wear my swimsuit on a California trip and I really liked it / got loads of compliments! I felt very secure, too, which is unusual for a swimsuit with plunge. And thanks on the jacket – I spent a lot of time reading the posts on your Minoru and other jacket projects with awesome added details!

  10. Love that pink/magenta on you! I’m going to try and find some of that fabric tomorrow at the market… have no idea without knowing the name in Chinese, but will look for the drape that’s similar! xoxoxo

    1. Good luck! I really like it because it has a nice drape while being easier to work with. There should be some friction between the layers if you fold it (hopefully that makes sense!)

  11. Hah! I live in South Australia (Emma’s heatwave drifted our way today 👆). So I’m definitely thinking of swimwear. I’ve been toying with sewing my own but couldnt find the right pattern and didn’t want my swimming to be held up with drafting… However your Watson bikini has got me considering it all over again. I don’t have the pattern and wanted to wait until I was skilled up yet I kept looking over everyone else’s – yours, I mean your sisters, looks great. Nice one!

    1. Hey Sundari! There is definitely some overlap in swimming and lingerie sewing. Have you checked out Dixie DIY’s sewalong ( or Heather Lou’s Bombshell sewalong ( I’m a swimwear novice and I found good info on both of those blogs. If you’re making a two-piece, I think the bottoms are a good place to start as they’re simpler and you can get a feel for the fabric. Also, if you’re looking to get into sewing lingerie, the Watson seems like a really good place to start – very complete instructions and an online sewalong to refer to!

  12. So many great projects! I absolutely love that pink silk top and think it looks fantastic on you. It’s a shame to hear that there are a few errors in the instructions (a pet peeve of mine), but I’m glad it all worked out so well. Looking forward to seeing how the jacket turns out!

    1. Thanks so much! I even emailed the pattern company about the drawstring error and they told me that I was wrong. Unless I’m misinterpreting the illustration and text, what they’re suggesting is impossible! (I haven’t tried their method since my muslin, but feel compelled to call it out when I mention the pattern.) Hoping to finish the jacket this weekend!

  13. Love the pink on you. I’ve just done my first ever forward should adjustment and it’s made such a difference. I’ve also started some new posture exercise regimes as I worry my shoulders are heading even more forward. Wish I’d listened when my mum told me not to slouch!

    1. I’m doing the same thing! Ever since we got back from Japan, I’ve been really trying to sit and stand straight. It’s supposed to help everything from mental clarity to digestion, which makes perfect sense. What sorts of exercises are you doing?

  14. Wow great projects Morgan! I especially like that pink top.
    So, I’m finally going to visit Seattle this week and I was wondering if you’d tell me the name and address of that consignment fabric store you’ve mentioned on your blog. Maybe even meet up there if you have time? Not sure which day I’ll be there yet…

  15. I love the pink top. Ashamed to say I actually have that pattern (didn’t even recognise it!) but if I ever sew it up I may change the neck like you.

  16. I love that pink top – it looks beautiful and I think perfect for fall/winter with a cardigan. And I think you already know I love your husband’s jacket – I would totally be “borrowing” it all the time if I were you. 😉

  17. Firstly, BWAH HA HA! I am so mentally classifying you as another Aussie sewing blogger from now on out 😉
    Secondly, that top is boss! The scoop neck is rad and I love the teeny modesty gusset. Side note – the word gusset makes me giggle like a ten year old *shamefaced*
    Thirdly, you are on fire with the selfless sewing. El Husbando has bugged me about a shirt for a few months now and I am having trouble not being selfish with my sewing time…
    Finally, Japan fabric is a magical beast and will sew up epically when you finally cut into it (I have used two out of three pieces and both are magical unicorn makes) 😀

    1. Hooray! The Aussie-sewing-from-Seattle plan is working 🙂 Yes, it’s hard to divorce the term gusset from the location it is usually found… And before you congratulate me too much for selfless sewing, allow me to admit it took me nearly 6 months to start the jacket and 2 months to finish it! Fingers crossed that my Japan fabrics provide me with magic too!

    1. Thanks, Sonja! It used to be one of my main colors, but a lot of the pieces I’d made didn’t fit well or weren’t made as nicely. It’s nice to have it back in the wardrobe!

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