Wedding dress: the reveal

This is the fifth post in a series about making my sister’s wedding separates, which were completed in mid-June. The next post will cover resources I used. | home-sewn wedding separates

Hello, everybody! I’m so, so excited to show off the finished wedding dress! While I finished sewing this project in June, it hadn’t felt truly completed until I’d fully blogged about it. I’m keeping the words at a minimum and the photos at a maximum for this post; look away if you don’t want to see gratuitous bridosity! | home-sewn wedding separates

Just a note: my sis chose to keep her wedding private, so the photos will be dress-centric and not show faces! Well, except for mine, but that’s nothing you haven’t seen a million times before. | home-sewn wedding | home-sewn wedding | home-sewn wedding separates

I’d always intended to make a special label as a surprise, but it wasn’t until I’d finished everything else that I realized I had the perfect thing in my stash – bee fabric from my Sew Bossy exchange Sally! I cut a bee out, machine-stitched it to twill tape, folded the tape edges in and fell-stitched the tape into the lining. | home-sewn wedding separates

I didn’t end up adding any closures to the waist stay (which was petersham ribbon, from my grandma’s stash), choosing to safety-pin it closed on the wedding day to accommodate any waistline fluctuations in either direction. | home-sewn wedding separates

Hook and eye tape closure – I’d consider going off zippers for this stuff. | home-sewn wedding separates

Decorative glass button the skirt; you can see the texture of the silk duchesse, post-washing. | home-sewn wedding separates

Scalloped lace edge detail. | home-sewn wedding separates

You can see one of my favorite features, the longer chiffon skirt hem, in this picture, as well as a little bit of how the lace winged out around the arm scye with wear. | home-sewn wedding separates

I freaking love how that lace on the back and neck look. | home-sewn wedding separates

The dress suited Bee’s wedding perfectly; it was elegant but she could move easily around the venue, which was a little island farm where all the guests stayed. | home-sewn wedding separates

It goes without saying that this is the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken. Working with Bee on this dress, meeting somewhere in the middle between her vision and my abilities, was an honor. An honor for this Matron of Honor. | Simplicity 1801

And speaking of… I made my MOH dress, too! More on that another time. I’m out of wedding blogging steam. Thank you so much for following along on this epic journey! I’ll share my resources sometime soonish, although I may try and sneak in some non-wedding posts between then.


116 thoughts on “Wedding dress: the reveal

  1. Holy Smokes, that dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t even decide which part I love more, the chiffon skirt or that lace bodice! Together they look absolutely stunning. Great job!!

    I’ve loved reading about the planning, designing, and constructing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aah, it’s so pretty! Clever, clever you! The lace at the back of the neck is *perfect*. Your own dress is also great. Wow to all of it! Congratulations to your sister!

  3. That is stunning and you should frame the photos and put them on your wall! The dress is art – moreover it fits your sister UTTERLY perfectly (which is the best gift of all).

    1. What an excellent idea! And thank you so much – even though fit was one of the most challenging, least straight-forward things about this project, I learned a lot and I’m happy with how it worked out. I was so lucky my sis could come over many times per week for fitting sessions!

  4. I don’t know what to say other than you should be so totally proud of yourself. What a fabulous journey and such a special gift to your sister. Well done you! X

  5. Oh woweeee it’s even more beautiful than I expected and I expected it to be beautiful! You should be so very proud, and I’m sure your sister was over the moon! xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing it with us, the dress is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly , I don’t think you realise what a talented sewer you are ,very well done.

    1. Aside from my sister and family, I was most excited to share this process and dress with you guys! I feel like other sewers can really understand the highs and lows of a project like this. Thank you, Diana. 🙂

  7. This is basically the dress that I wanted for MY wedding, but couldn’t find! I had to have a £1200 substitute! Amazing job!

    1. Man, I was blown away when I went dress shopping with my sis; it’s so hard to find dresses if you have a certain style in mind that isn’t a strapless/mermaid skirt kind of affair.

  8. Wow! Just wow! you did a truly amazing job! And your sister looks amazing in her dress! (You too in yours!) That is a lot of love that you poured into her dress for her wedding day…a LOT of love!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Teresa! I was so happy to be able to sew her dress. She was amazing to me when I got married, somehow managing to be a bridesmaid while photographing us for portraits, and I’d always wanted to do something nice for her when she got married.

  9. Both dresses are absolutely gorgeous! What a clever idea to make separates. I love the back of wedding dress too! I’m sure your sister feels amazing in it because it fits her and! it’s made my you. You’re a fantastic sister!

  10. Wow!! Even though I’ve been following along with the posts, the final, color photographs are so stunning!! The lace looks beautiful and I love the combination of the two pieces. Almost makes me wish I could go back to a year ago and make my own wedding dress instead of buying it… almost!

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! When the dress was really shaping up, I started wishing I’d been able to finish my own. Maybe we’ll just have to make formal dresses for other occasions!

  11. WOW. Just. WOW. It’s incredible! You did a really exceptional job putting this dress together. It fits your sister beautifully and looks absolutely amazing! The lace on the bodice and the chiffon really take this over the top!

  12. It is easy to see why you are so proud of your achievements with this dress. Your sister looks very elegant and the dress fits her so beautifully. I think the 2 piece approach was a superb idea. The skirt hangs beautifully and the lace detail is exquisite. I also love your little signature bee tag. .

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I was a little worried that the center front and center back chiffon skirt seams would interfere with how the skirt hung, but I think the fluffiness hid them.

  13. The dress you created is stunning. I think you’ve captured a timeless elegance. The placement of the lace detail is beautiful and the hang of the skirt truly stunning. You should be super super proud of yourself. The fit too is also exceptional.

  14. Magnificent. Very beautiful. You did such a great job. It is really a project that should make you feel proud!

  15. Agghhhhhhh, perfection!! I’m very hard to impress when it comes to wedding dresses for many reasons, but THIS one is absolutely beautiful. Go girl!

  16. Oh wow, absolutely stunning! I am in total awe! Congratulations for completing such an epic project and thanks so much for sharing it. Your dress looks lovely too 🙂

  17. Just stunning! I absolutely adore the finished look. The neckline and how the scallops hug the neck is particularly divine. Well done! Thank you for sharing the process!

  18. Wow! It was a joy to follow this process and see the final result. I bet it felt really good to make something so beautiful for your sister. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Breathtaking!! You did an amazing job! You also looked gorgeous in your dress Morgan!! What a special day.

  20. Wow Amazing! You did such a beautiful job, the fit is perfect and I love that you made separates 🙂 Your sister looks lovely and I bet having her dress made by you made it all the more special. Your maid of honour dress gorgeous too!

  21. This looks beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your series, it is good to get a little insight into the process and nice to know that lots of it is trial and error 🙂 I really like the back neckline and the beautiful pleats at the top of the skirt. Bravo!

    1. Trial and error is right! I don’t have another formal dress on my horizon at this point, but I’m guessing the next time will be easier. Thanks so much for reading along!

  22. What a beautiful, elegant dress. I’ve enjoyed reading about your process – so ambitious, and you did it so beautifully! I love that it was a labor of love for your sister, too. Congratulations to both of you!

  23. You did a phenomenal job! I just made myself read your bodice and lace posts before jumping to the finale, thanks for sharing so much with us! I’m very very impressed with all the different elements you tackled, all the different fabrics & techniques. And yes, the back neckline is really really stunning. Congrats to Bee on her wedding, and you for such an amazing accomplishment.

  24. What an achievement, the dress is so beautiful. The lace is bodice is gorgeous and the skirt is so romantic. Perfection. The MOH dress is a winner too. Thank you for sharing the process.

  25. Oh my goodness….the gown is stunning!! The details and love you wove into the dress can be felt. I too am in the process of designing and sewing a wedding gown and have been longing to know where you got your supplies, especially the boning and hook and eye tape. If you decide not to write a post on the sources soon, would you consider privately emailing me your resources? Thank you so much.

  26. I have thoroughly enjoyed your construction posts for this dress. It’s a beautiful work of art. I love that the skirt is separate. Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. HOLY CRAP! That dress is breathtaking!! You are so talented! And it looks amazingly finished! Even better than professional looking. Like high end couture! It fits like a dream and suits her so well! I can’t stop gushing about it!!

  28. Wow. Just wow. I don’t know what could suffice except to say that the dress is utterly exquisite and perfect in every way. You’ve made the most lovely and magnificent creation for your sister, and it’s just, well, perfect.

  29. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, and WOW is all I can say! What an amazing project for a beautiful bride from a gorgeous sister. And the bee label!!! I die!!!

  30. Your sister’s dress is amazing. So beautifully designed and constructed. Such a wonderful accomplishment and wonderful show of love. Your MOH dress is pretty damn awesome, too!

  31. Oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful. The lace… amazing. You did such a wonderful job! It must have been rewarding to see it in action after all that work!

  32. Oh my goodness Morgan, it’s even more gorgeous than I could have imagined! Your sister looks absolutely amazing, and how wonderful to be totally wrapped up in love on your wedding day! I love the little bee addition – what a great touch! Your blue dress is beautiful too! Looks like a great day!

  33. Oh my wow!!! That is the most stunning dress I have ever seen. What an amazing achievement to sew. You should Ben rally proud of yourself. I can’t imagine making something like that. Stunning!!!

  34. So, so SO incredibly beautiful and I’m lacking adequate superlatives for this one! The fit, the style…ALL of it! Amazing. Such a beautiful thing to do for/with your sister and you totally nailed it.

  35. Holy moly it’s GORGEOUS. fits her so well, is so beautiful…you did amazing work here Morgan. You should be so proud! That lace (especially at the nape of her neck) is absolute perfection. I seriously love it.

  36. The lace and chiffon are such an elegant pairing, and the lace neckline is especially lovely. Your sister looks amazing–what a beautiful gift! I bet it’s only a matter of time before word gets out, and people come asking you to make their wedding dresses as well!

  37. I’m speechless. I really don’t know what to say. I’ll do my best though… Your sister looks beautiful. The dress you made is phenomenal. I hope you look at pictures of your sister in her wedding dress for years to come with a huge smile knowing that all the time and effort and love that you put into her dress made her special day all that more special.

  38. I’ve been meaning to stop by for ages and tell you how gorgeous the dress came out. You can see all the hard work you put into it. It fit your sister beautifully! What a labor of love!

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