Late to the (clown) party | Pierrot clown costume

Hello, hello! I missed Halloween festivities this year due to a plague that blew through my husband’s family. Ironically, my symptoms came on just as I’d sewn up the last rosette. (Last year, I was still sewing up my tiger costume minutes before I left for my friend’s party; I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t scrambling to get a costume together the day of Halloween!)

Anyway. I have a hard time picking costumes because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get into character. Anyone who’s ever heard me try to speak with a fake accent knows that this concern isn’t unfounded. A clown, I decided, would be perfect – I can make exaggerated faces and hop around silently as well as anybody. | Pierrot clown costume

The foundation of my Pierrot-style costume was a billowy white 80’s pajama shirt pattern. I love a full gathered sleeve, costume or not, and I would have welcomed more puffiness. Still, I’m tempted to see if I can integrate it into my daily wardrobe. And really, how different is it from this? The neck and leg ruffles are from a linen sheet gifted from my friend (and cosplay whiz) Meris, and the edges are finished on my serger with a very short stitch length. The rosettes are scraps from this top. | Pierrot clown costume

Is there a socially acceptable way to wear a neck ruff in daily life? Should I just do it? I love how it looks. | Pierrot clown costume

After getting gussied up for a mini-shoot with my sis, I couldn’t resist running outside to freak Nathan out from his office window. Happy belated Halloween from this clown.



43 thoughts on “Late to the (clown) party

  1. Your costume is so cute! I absolutely support your desire to wear a neck ruff in public–crazy shoulder and neck details really spice up a garment! I would love to see if you could incorporate that shirt (or some variation of it) into an everyday outfit!

  2. AHAHAHAHA. The last photo is fantastic. This is an awesome costume. I’m not sure I’m bold enough to wear a neck ruffle on the daily, but I could see it. You should definitely find more reasons to wear this. It’s great.

  3. Oh my! I didn’t even recognize you wearing this. I thought you had made a costume for someone else and that was them in the photo. This just goes to that this costume was a success – you totally got into character.

    1. I fear clowns too, and I have to say it was pretty therapeutic to dress up as one! The clowns that really freak me out look like Pennywise from It, though, and I don’t think there’s much getting over that.

  4. Wow! What a great costume! I especially love the accompanying facial expressions, ha! If you do figure out a way to wear a neck ruffle in daily life, please post pictures 🙂

  5. Bwah ha ha! That last photo is pretty much the best thing ever! I love it! This is such a tops ensemble. I tip my clown hat (complete with flower that shoots water) to you!

    1. Thanks! Yah, I’ve never been into them myself but I kept on getting an image of something Picasso might have painted and it didn’t seem as bad as the clowns of my childhood!

  6. That is fun.

    I also like a good billowy sleeve and I totally think you could make a neck ruff work. In kind of an elizabethan way. But the leg ruffs–now, if you could wear that in public, and get away with it, that would be very, very impressive. 😉

  7. Haha! What an amazing look & you’re playing the part perfectly! That neck ruffle does look great on you. I can imagine it looking kind of dramatically cool on a sleeveless top…

  8. You’re killing me. KILLING ME. I think I finally found my kindred spirit sewing blogger when it comes to Halloween….. this is amazing. And his face is priceless.

    1. I’m very flattered, although I think your costumes really take the cake! Your toddlers in tiaras costume is burned into my brain in the best way possible.

  9. Fantastic costume! That ruff definitely deserves more wear time – you should come to Europe for carnival! Nice to hear I wasn’t the only one sewing last minute on Halloween. I’m trying to persuade my little daughter to continue to wear the hat I made her with cat’s ears, she looks so cute!

    1. Now that’s a thought! I would love to see carnival – are there some countries that have particularly awesome celebrations?

      Cat-eared hats are always in season!

  10. I love your halloween costumes- so inventive! Part of me is thankful we don’t celebrate it (do you ‘celebrate’ halloween??) over here because doubtless I’d just come up with something realllllly lame & boring. And you have to get in character too? Sounds like hard work :p

    1. Yes, I think “celebrate” is the right word; “observe” sounds a little formal. I suppose you don’t really have to get into character, but it always feels more fun that way! It’s totally acceptable for adults to not get dressed up, although people tend to if they’re going to a party.

  11. Wandered over here to read the story behind your instagram profile–so cool! My husband loves this costume, too. (He’s a fan of famous clowns.) Such a bummer you got sick… we had the plague too, like during all of October.

    1. Your husband sounds like a man of very specific (and good) taste! I actually had to google “classic clowns” or something similar to learn more about the costumes and characters.

      Hope you guys have finally recovered!

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