Triangulated scrap dress

How’s your Scraptember going? Mine got a whole lot better this weekend when my project finally started to look like a garment. I got so excited that I finished it sooner than I’d expected. Sometimes I get a little antsy when I’m doing piece work – it can take a little longer than normal projects to look promising. | scraptember scrap dress

Anyway, it’s done. And surprise! It’s made from grey and blue linen scraps!

I was planning on making a longer, button-less version of what I made for my two-piece set, but I kept returning to the idea of adding a gathered-rectangle skirt to the bottom so I could wear it as a tunic. I had some actual yardage of one of my scrap fabrics, the silver coated linen, and I went for it. (I probably would have picked one of the other fabrics if I’d had the choice as the linen is pretty heavy, but they were down to their scrappiest scraps.)


Nothing too fancy to note in terms of construction; I stitched the scraps together and serged. I liked the idea of a triangle in the middle and placed it so it would end right on the finished neckline. I used my dartless tank pattern that I drafted off my sloper and pieced around the triangles until I had enough fabric. The neckline and arms are finished by – what else – more scraps. | scraptember scrap dress

I was thinking about mimicking the triangle on the back but went for strips instead as it fit the scraps I had better. | scraptember scrap dress

I was a little concerned that the transition from the solids to the strips would be jarring, but I really like it.

Just for funsies, here are the projects that my scraps came from:

In other scrap news, I took a spin through my scraps during this project and decided to remove the pieces I didn’t like. It’s a complete no-brainer, but the artist (hoarder) in me always thinks I’m going to strike on some fantastic scrappy color combo even with colors and prints I don’t like.With a few years into scrap hoarding under my belt, I’m noticing it doesn’t really happen. Another part of me – a hoarder without artistic ambitions – has a hard time throwing anything vaguely useful into a landfill. I’ll be researching textile recycling options for those undesirable scraps… aided by triangle power! | scraptember scrap dress


78 thoughts on “Triangulated scrap dress

  1. I love it! Such a cool mix of fabrics! It must have taken a lot of thought getting the balance just right. I love that shot of blue in the back. I find all the beautiful scrap garments I’ve seen this month very inspiring, and I do have some knit scraps from last winter that I was planning to make into a sweater. I’ll come around to it, just not in September 😉

    1. Thanks, Sara! Starting was the hardest part, but once I decided to go with a triangle in the front other pieces fell into place. A knit scrap sweater sounds super cool and a nice wintery project!

  2. Turned out really cute! We can put fabric scraps straight in to our mixed recycling bin. We are very lucky in the part of the country we live – the council have embraced recycling in a big way. Not so even in the next county!

    1. That’s very cool! My mom can actually put bags of fabric out on the curb for collection, as long as they’re clearly marked. Part of my research will be finding out if I can do the same. Still, hard to beat just tossing it into the recycle!

  3. it’s a wonderfull dress! and i’m thinking that having scraps that looks like they belong together must mean you have a pretty, cohesive wardrobe…

  4. I absolutely adore this dress! Go scraps! I think the piecing is perfect and everything looks beautifully balanced. I also hoard scraps and never in my life have I used them. I always think they’re too small for a complete make (duh!) but pieced with others I might have a hope of creating something cool like yours!

  5. I absolutely love your dress! You have put your scraps to good use and the different shapes in front and back are great! Not too long ago, I also got rid of all the scraps that were just too small to make something with them. It felt very relieving but inspired by your dress I should really find more projects to use those scraps left.

  6. Oh my god, this is AMAZING! I am rooting through my scraps in a minute to see if I can rustle up something quite as cool. Love the shape, the colours, the texture..,basically everything! Totally inspiring!

    1. I do have one more smaller triangle, left over from cutting out the first. I was intending to put it on the back but got lazy! I’ll bet it’ll get integrated into a project at some point.

  7. WOW!! I am so unbelievably impressed, such an inspiring make. I love everything about it and your scraps are all so beautifully coordinated! I completely lack this sort of vision, am utterly jealous & would unhesitatingly pinch this off your back 😀

  8. I love your dress! I wish I had such useful, coordinating scraps in my stash as well! I just went through it lately, but alas, not enough stuff that goes together quite yet. Must hoard more scraps!

  9. I really love how this turned out! That trianglele is perfect!
    I’ve heard of people using their fabric scraps as stuffing for cushions. I haven’t given it a try, but it sounds like it would work!

    1. I have experimented with this a little bit, and what I’ve noticed is that it makes for very heavy pillows! I am thinking about using them for some sort of heavier floor pillow, especially if I can’t find another good option.

  10. What a cool dress! I can only imagine the amount of work you’ve put into it! I would not have enough patience for this. This dress is a real celebration of fun, creatively and persistence!

  11. It looks great! If you do find any resources for recycling scraps, I would love for you to share them as a blog post. I am trying to use mine up making vests and undies, but inevitably, there are some true ‘scraps’ which I too would hate to put in landfill.

    1. Will do, Hayley! I’ve been doing an on-going search online for options and will let you know. (My search has been Seattle-focused, though). One thing I’ve been considering is making some kind of heavier floor pillow and using scraps as stuffing, if I can’t find a better option!

  12. This just goes to show that fancy construction doesn’t equate to a fancy dress (yes, I consider this dress somewhat fancy). I love this initiative – Scraptember!

    1. It is just a little fancy, isn’t it? I think the silver that kicks it up a notch. I’ve said it before – I’ll bet your scrap pile is a treasure trove.

  13. Looks great and I really like the triangle effect. I used to hoard anything bigger than a couple of square inches, but as the Beatles say I’m getting better all the time ( at chucking!). Nice work High Priestess of Scraptember!

  14. Oh my gosh I love this!! I’m so glad you went with the silver linen, because it is seriously swoony!! And it must feel great to use up so many little scraps! awesome job!!

  15. This is fantastic, I love your style. I really like the triangles in the front and then the stripes in the back! I’m now inspired to go through my scraps and create something fantastic. Love your shoes too

  16. I love this with a passion!! This looks amazing on you and I love the transition between the triangles and the stripes! And that silver linen! I’m having the vapors over here.

  17. This dress is amazing! I’m all about reducing waste and using every possible scrap of fabric but not a big fan of a “patchwork” look, so the scraps just build up. However, you have managed a clean and modern look that seems as if it were designed exactly to be so rather than to use scraps. Great job!

    1. Thanks! Having a unified color palette or texture palette really helps me. I’m always envious of those who do gorgeous stuff with wild color combinations!

  18. Um, I love this! The piecing is SO GOOD! It looks super intentional and very wearable! I probably should go through my scraps and get rid of the ones I know I won’t use either… I’m so inspired by this!

  19. Fantastic! It reminds me of the Ralph Pink patch dress pattern that I’ve got and been meaning to try out – not the style, the use of fabric piecing. I think you should make more and sell these tunics. Collect unwanted scraps and turn them into unique garments – you’ve obviously got an eye for this!

  20. This is so cool! I love the scraps you chose and the piecing! I love the triangle in the front and the stripes in the back. You are one talented lady!

  21. This is so neat! I really love how it all came together. I think having the striped back with the triangle front is much more interesting than having triangles front and back.

  22. Awesome!! You couldn’t have done better if you picked these fabrics out in a shop just for this dress! I really need to throw some stuff out of the scrap bin… sometimes it feels like scraps are taking over my life.

  23. This dress turned out so well! The front and back work well together for sure. It seems super wearable, even if it is shiny!
    Yep, I need to admit that the “hoarder without artistic ambitions” exists in me too! 😦
    I sometimes give my scraps to a friend who makes and sells cute appliqued clothing, but I don’t want to overwhelm her. With a quick search I found some really specific recycling listings on my county website, there are a few organizations that will take scraps specifically. There’s also a cool place that I still need to check out called Ragfinery here in Bellingham that repurposes/resells garments, fabric and craft supplies. I’ll have to check into just how scrappy they like their donations! Hopefully there’s a giant purge in my future. My sewing room needs it!
    Of course, there are some pieces (mostly silks) I just can’t (won’t) get rid of; might not get any more pieces done in time for Scraptember, but it’s great motivation!

    1. Man, I looked up Ragfinery and it sounds really, really cool – both for scrap-purging and shopping opportunities! Last I checked, Seattle didn’t have anything similar but my hunch is that I’m not looking quite hard enough. I’m also prone to hoarding pieces of silk that are even tinier than my other scraps.

  24. Oh man, you’re on a roll lady! I’ll say hi first, then make a mad dash for your closet! 😉 But seriously, this inspires me to look at my two plastic shopping bags full-to-bursting with scraps in a whole new way.

  25. This dress is AMAZING! I would pay good money to buy a RTW dress like that – but very inspired to have a crack myself. The fabric colours are just perfect.

  26. What I love is how well your scraps match each other – I think that says how well you’ve nailed down what you like to wear and sew with! They’re all really beautiful linens. Mine would look horridly clashing in comparison, hehe.

  27. Awesome use of scraps! I recently culled through my crap bag and tub and I KNOW that I saved some stuff that I’ve been hoarding for years just in case. I think I need to back and be brutal, but first I also need to learn more about local textile recycling options.

  28. I loved seeing it on the hanger the other day, Morgan, but it’s even more stunning with you wearing it! Such a spectacular scraptastic endeavor!

  29. Oh I love this! A perfect throw on dress and that silver linen is to die for. It’s amazing how all your scraps work together. (My trouble is I have bought too many prints…)

  30. I see you have triangulated your scraps to AWESOME here! Love the colour blocking of this piece. It is truly rad!

  31. Looks so beautiful! And I LOVE the idea of scraptember, I always save my scrap bits of fabric with the intent to use them up somehow but never really get around to it, next year I’m doing scraptember!

  32. This looks AMAZING. It’s so, so good, dude! Here’s the thing- I just made a garment with scraps (it was a pattern test and I didn’t want to buy new fabric and wanted to use up some of my odd pieces) and it turned out AWFUL. Like, I looked like a clown. Or a kaleidoscope. You’ve absolutely nailed this look and it looks really intentional and awesome, not at all like you were just digging through scraps.

    After my horror show garment the other day, I took a hard look at my scraps stash, bagged them up, and listed them on Freecycle. A couple of crafters wanted them, so I was able to get rid of them without putting them into a landfill, score! Might be worth looking into if you have a Freecycle community in your area!

    1. Oh no!! Kaleidoscope Clown could be your Halloween costume? I think it’s pretty cool you used scraps for pattern testing, though!

      Freecycle is an awesome idea and it’s heartening to hear that your scraps got nabbed. I just joined a similar group in my area and will report back!

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