Solar-Lunar panels

I’ve been having a major Rebecca Taylor moment. Now there’s a designer who knows her way around both yokes and gathers. I bought one of her newer Vogue patterns, 1367, and wanted to try a sleeveless wearable muslin before using it to mimic an Isabel Marant design I’ve been taken with for a few years. | Vogue 1367

The yoke is three different pieces (front, back, and shoulders), which affords some opportunity for fun piecing.

I chose coated metallic linen for the front and back (fabric last seen here) with textured hot pink silk shoulders (fabric from SCRAP). The gathered bodice fabric is an organic-cotton hemp scrap left over from a quilt for my new nephew. | Vogue 1367

The instructions suggest sewing the neck binding to the inside and turning it out and top-stitching. Maybe this is for aesthetic reasons, but it sounded like a recipe for a sloppy-looking finish! I did the opposite. I did follow the top-stitching instructions, however. | Vogue 1367

I also bound the armholes with 3/8″ SA after shaving off 1/4″ (since they were designed for sleeves and the corners meet up with the sleeves quite precisely.) | Vogue 1367

You’ll have to take my word that the back hemline is also curved. This is what happens when you put a native Washingtonian in a hot car without AC and fully functioning windows.

Also, the back yoke seem was astoundingly wide, but – as I learned later – it’s probably because of the sharp angle of how the sleeve meets the bodice. | Vogue 1367

I suppose it goes without saying that I love this design. I try to buy patterns that are unique, and alter patterns I’ve already fitted to try new styles, but my weakness for yokes and gathers got the better of me. I probably could have hacked the Mathilde pattern to get this look, but since I’ve been back at a desk job, my sewing hours feel more precious. Spending a few dollars instead of hours sounded appealing.

And then there’s the Rebecca Taylor factor… I’m just really into her right now. Do you have a designer crush?



49 thoughts on “Solar-Lunar panels

  1. Oh, that is so great. I love the combination of fabrics you used: metallic and bright pink? YES. I would never have dreamed up such a cool version from the fairly boring plain version on the pattern cover. I see it comes with some nice pants too… might have to invest.

    1. You can’t even see the pieced yoke in the photography. I’m glad I took the time to look into the pattern illustration in this case! I’m curious about those pants, too…

  2. Super cute! I especially love the pop of pink on the shoulders. I just finished a Rebecca Taylor yesterday – 1387. Really loved the outcome of mine as well (yokes and gathers for the win!), but wanted to burn it mid-construction.

  3. Lovely – very you, and perfect for summer! My current designer crushes are Kristiann at Victory Patterns and Jen at Grainline.

  4. This is super cool! I don’t like the big sleeves in the original pattern, but this sleeveless version is a real winner! Isabel Marant is a major inspiration to me- funny you should mention her! I also really like Marni… super fun designs and prints.

    1. Ironically, those sleeves are not as big as I was hoping (I’ve finished my Isabel project already). I love a big sleeve. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Marni but would like to spend some more time looking at their work – thanks for the recommendation!

  5. This looks awesome – great use of contrasting scraps! Um, yes, Rebecca Taylor is my current designer crush. Because, similar to you, I loooove a good yoke and gather. I hadn’t realized how much I loved her designs until the recent Vogue sale where I went and snatched up this pattern and some of her other patterns I didn’t have yet. I can’t believe I didn’t own this already! I’m gearing up to use the pant pattern from this blouse to make a comfy pair of sweatpants.

    1. Nice! I’m excited to see how those pants turn out. Between you and Katie sewing them up, I may end up making a pair as well. I didn’t realize I was fan until a few months ago when I was looking through my patterns and realizing she designed more than a few of them.

  6. This is fantastic. I think your choice of colours and fabrics with the piecings is what makes it so great for me. I love the metallic linen in the yoke. I’m all for knocking off designers as much as possible! 😉

  7. I love your fabric mash-up in this top. The effect is really cool. I’m not crushing on any particular designer at the moment. I like to ‘sew’ my oats… ba dum ching. HA. My sense of humor is horrible.

  8. I love the color blocking–I agree with all the others here that I never would have noticed that based on the envelope. This is lovely and interesting interpretation of that pattern.

  9. I really love this top on you!! I think as Gillian said, that this would be great for using up those scaps…heaven knows, I have lots of them! Great job!

  10. Nice top. I had a google and checked out that pattern, it’s very cool! The pants are pretty great too, they also have a sweet yoke thing happening. Will you make those too? What’s the Isabel Marant design you’ve been taken with? I am intrigued.

    1. Yokes abound! I don’t have immediate plans to make the pants, but there’s at least a 50% chance I’ll be persuaded at some point! The Isabel Marant design is Fita tunic. You’ll see why this pattern is a pretty good starting place!

  11. Great top with fab use of fabric and colour, I also really like the cut, defenatly gonna keep an eye out for Rebecca Taylor!

  12. Rebecca Taylor is definitely a sewing pattern designer crush for me… especially when you’re wearing her stuff! I’m absolutely swooning over the fabric texture and the colour combo. 1367 clearly works wonderfully when sleeveless! Fabulous topstitching, too 😉

  13. You have such a knack for seeing these great patterns. I was lost in the puffy sleeves of that shirt. This is hot!! I have now added this to my pattern list for the next BMV sale. Lovely top!

  14. I love the colour blocking and your use of scrap pieces is fab. Makes my heinously overstuffed scrap shelf utterly justifiable. The pink against the metallic is beautiful.

    1. Yes! Another thing that will justify your scrap collection is that I’m helping Gillian out by running a Sewcialist month – Scraptember! I’m thinking of focusing on camis made from beautiful scraps. It’d be awesome if you joined!

  15. This is so awesome! Thank you for making this up and showing us all the beautiful details of this pattern! Your fabric combinations are really stellar – such rich colors, textures, sheens… wonderful!

  16. This is gorgeous – you’re so good at matching patterns & fabric! I love the combination of these different fabrics too – it makes me want to be more adventurous with the fabrics I use!

  17. What a great interpretation of the design! I love it with the pop of pink. I agree re the instructions for turning and topstitching at the front. I have read these instructions a few times and wonder how anyone can pull off a neat finish. Yours looks lovely. Obviously I’m in a Republique du chiffon crush phase at the moment but I think I should buy more Rebecca Taylor for sure.

    1. Now that is high praise! Thanks! The necklace is an old Norwegian coin that my husband’s great-grandmother (or great-great-grandmother?) brought with her when she came to the United States. I feel very lucky to wear it!

  18. Love your fabric choice! I’m never that creative with fabric choices but this is definitely an inspiration. Also, that you pulled this out of that pattern I will never understand. When I look at patterns I have trouble doing the imagining what they could be thing, and just seeing them how they’re presented. Which is often terribly, if we’re talking big 4. So I seriously applaud you—this top is so cool.

    1. Hey, Sara! Thanks for stopping by and congrats on the new blog! I try to check out the line drawings on the commercial patterns, especially from designers I like. It’s true – the photography and fabric choices don’t always show off the design! I was going to pass on this pattern until I saw the yoke details.

  19. I’m also a big Rebecca Taylor fan! I have many of her vogue patterns in my stash. Unfortunately I’ve been on a bit of an indie kick right now and have been ignoring my vogue patterns.
    I really love how you interpreted the pattern. The colour blocking is totally rad. Grey and pink is such a great colour combination. And way to go using up some small scraps!

  20. This looks great and the colour-blocking is perfect – you really suit gathered yokes. You’re lucky to find a pattern designer who fits your style, I’m still searching for one. I find Etro very inspirational but unfortunately they don’t make patterns! I love their use of colour and print though.

  21. That is such an interesting pattern – I would never have guessed it from the pattern illustration, that´s for certain. Technical drawings for life. This style fits you so wonderfully too. Very cool!

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