Changing it up a bit

Isn’t film photography pretty? My brother-in-law snapped this photo of us on his old SLR, overlooking the Waimea Canyon in Kauai. I’m wearing a secret self-made tank (secret because it’s never been blogged), and the gentleman is wearing his well-documented birthday shirt, both of which are real work horses.

I’ve gone back and forth about participating in Me-Made-May this year. It’s an incredible event, one that deserves much of the credit for helping me sew truly wearable, versatile pieces that fit into my life. Thanks to MMM, I really do wear something I’ve made every single day. On the other hand, I’m starting some contract work and would like to give myself the proper time and resources to ease back into it. I’ll also say that my jeans form the backbone of what is essentially a uniform; they get worn nearly every day with whatever sort of top suits the weather and my whims, and I’m just not sorry. The jeans will always win, and they certainly are self-made, but they don’t always make for the most thrilling daily outfit documentation.

So! This May, my pledge will be a little different:

I will document one unique head-to-toe me-made outfit per week.

The rest of my Me-Made-May observance will consist of loving on the beauteous outfits that the sewing blogosphere creates with their self-mades. Happy May, everybody!


17 thoughts on “Changing it up a bit

  1. Makes sense. My pledge is going up on my blog (condensed version already on Zoe’s) tomorrow, but in a nutshell I’m documenting only one outfit per week on the Flickr group and doing one brief round up at the end of the month.That’s because I found the documentation really difficult last year and I wear the same things over and over, too. It will still be a challenge for me, but hopefully more fun as well!

    1. We’re kind of pledge twins! I think documentation is the most difficult element of Me Made May for me as well. I think it’s totally fine to wear the same things most of the time, although one aspect of wearing something different every day that I will miss is easily much I identified which self-made garments should be donated. Here’s hoping that our adjusted pledges make for a pleasant and educational May!

  2. I think I found your blog through MMM last year! I’m a bit like you – I don’t think 16 days of me wearing black elle pants and a stripey top make scintillating photography, but I am looking forward to mixing up my play day outfits! Ps my crazy cat fabric is a dolman sleeve tee and I love love love it. I promise, as my personal MMM pledge to Crab and Bee, that my Crazy Cat Lady top will feature in an outfit 😉

    1. I think you might be right! It’ll be a bit sad not to be as involved this year, as I just love finding new fabulous blogs in the flickr pool. I’m so excited to see your cat lady top!!

  3. This is a great pledge! I’m on the fence about MMM this year- I love seeing everyone’s outfits, and I love the idea behind it, but for some reason I’m feeling a little bit suffocated by rules right now and don’t quite want to give myself strict guidelines for dressing. Silly, I know! Your pledge seems really doable and not as joyless as some of them seem like they would be!

    1. Thanks, Sonja! I really wanted to participate but needed my involvement to fit within my life while still being excited about it. I think the idea of the event has always been flexible, although in practice it tends to involve a daily commitment. It’s hard not to feel like going big or going home!

  4. I love your pledge this year! It’s nice seeing people’s pledges changing this year to reflect their lives & sewing. That’s a lovely photo too – isn’t it nice sometimes to have the wait for film photographs!?

    1. I agree, it’s inspiring to see people making this event even more their own! It seems like it’s always been flexible but I’ve never really thought of tailoring it to myself. Last year, I was finishing school and moving and STILL decided to go whole-hog. It was nuts!

      We had some disposable film cameras at our wedding, and it was really cool to see what came out of them with no preview screens or delete buttons! And I do kind of miss the waiting 🙂

  5. I have been totally on the fence too!! I feel like last year was fun, but I did wear the same things over and over, and taking photos was tiring. Also, I feel like I have a lot of fun spring-y clothes that are not me-made that I miss wearing during MMM. Ah well, still deciding – I’ve seen some great ideas floating around the web like “document only on IG” or “wear as many as possible” and yours is really great too! One unique outfit! I can see that happening for sure 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sally! Given how much I wear my jeans, I think it actually will be a proper challenge even if it’s scaled back from past years. I wouldn’t say no to seeing some of your lovely makes in action this month!

  6. last year was my first go at MMM and yeah, the documenting part was a total drag! i figure i can join in without full-fledged documenting, and post pics on IG. probably won’t post much to flicker, but it’s fun to browse others when i have a minute of down time.

    1. I feel like IG was almost made for MMM! And I agree on the flickr group, it’s fun to pop in for some inspiration when the mood strikes.

  7. Smart pledge, and yes film photography is so beautiful! I used to have a Konika film camera that I carried around with me everywhere. I’m joining MMM for the first time this year, and I’m so excited about challenging myself to wear my self-made clothes every day (I have so much RTW clothes that I often opt out of wearing my handmades).

    1. Congratulations on joining in!! I hope I’m not overstating things when I say it will change your sewing life. The first time I joined, I really didn’t have enough self-mades to make it two weeks, let alone a month, but it was eye-opening to see the kinds of garments I really wore on a regular basis. I’m excited to hear how it goes!

  8. I miss film photography! There is something so lovely about it and the element of surprise it holds…waiting for the development. I signed up for MMM again…at the last minute, mind you, but I am hoping to really truly see what I need to add to my self made wardrobe to make it everyday wearable. The daily pictures are a chore, that’s for sure! I’m glad to see you participating on some level and I look forward to seeing your weekly outfit! Good for you for knowing when to scale back! I’m all for that!

  9. The beauty is that you can make your own rules and anything and everything seems to go. Personally I’m going entirely me-made for the month, and participating on Flickr every day, and I’m only going to write on my blog about it once, probably when it’s over. 🙂

  10. Oh I LOVE your MMMay mini-challenge! I’m so happy that MMM has been useful and beneficial in helping you create and wear your fabulous garments. Hope you’ve been having a great month and good luck with your new job xx

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