Spring Cleaning Swap Meet


Have you been spring cleaning (or fall cleaning) lately? From the looks of my sewing table, it’s time! If the urge has struck you and you’re finding you’d like to streamline some of your sewing accoutrement, we – Gail, Andrea and I – invite you to join the Spring Cleaning Swap Meet!

The idea is simple:

  • Round up any any fabric, patterns, notions, or even sewn garments that you don’t want anymore
  • Post them on your blog or in the Stash Diet flickr group
  • Let your readers know how they can win (random drawing, first-come-first-serve, etc) and how you’d like to handle shipping (who pays, where you’ll send to, etc)
  • Bask in your tidy sewing space and shop the swap!

Put up your post anytime on March 29 – 30; keep your eyes peeled for a kick-off post here where you can add links to your swap posts! (I’ll post on Friday as most time zones are earlier than mine.) And, if you’d like to get involved in swapping but aren’t able to participate this weekend, fear not – the regular Stash Diet Swap is going strong all year round in the flickr group.

Let us know if you have any questions, and happy cleaning! And best of luck to you if you’ve got a kitty infestation in your sewing area…



10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Swap Meet

  1. How fun! A swap we can all participate in no matter where we live! I’ve been feeling the need to clean too so there must be something in the air!

  2. What a great idea! I wish I had known about this a month ago! I went on a huge cleaning spree at the beginning of March and unfortunately, I don’t have anything left!

  3. I always have a Kitty infestation in my sewing room. For better or worse. 🙂 Not sure if I’ll be up and running this weekend but a great idea!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! This looks like fun – if only I had the rest of my stash with me, it could certainly use some (additional, sigh) culling. I don’t suppose I could post a couple handmades that no longer fit my style (scarves, handknit sweaters etc.) to see if anybody is interested? I always feel a little bad sending those off to the thrift store, as fellow crafters tend to be more appreciative than the general public (and less likely to accidentally felt them!).

    1. Gail was actually wondering the exact same thing. I say give it a try! It sounds both liberating and frustrating to not have your stash with you when it needs sorting 🙂

  5. Love this idea Morgan. You guys are doing some great things with the stash busting. I’m sure I can find something to give away 🙂

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