Stash swap update


Just a quick update on the epic Stash Diet swap! First off, thanks to everyone who’s added stuff so far. If you haven’t taken a look at the flickr pool yet, do it! There’s awesome stuff in there.

Next, there’s no need to trade directly (unless you would like to!) You can request an item up for swap even if you don’t have anything posted yourself.

After you’ve shipped a swapped item, please remove it from the flickr pool. We initially were thinking it would be fun to keep track of swapped items by changing the title to “TAKEN”, but it’s getting a bit unruly having a mix of available and taken items! Instead, let’s keep track of our swapped items in this flickr discussion. After you’ve shipped an item, please feel free to share what you sent (a pattern, yards of fabric, etc) there.

Finally, a reminder to add “SWAP” in the title of your item that you’d like to give away so people cruising through the flickr pool can easily identify it.

Happy swapping!


7 thoughts on “Stash swap update

  1. Ok, thanks for clarifying this! I went to the flickr group yesterday but was a bit confused by where to post the pics, as most of them seemed to be the Stash Diet photos.

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