So many projects, so little light!

I’m in the same seasonal paradox I’ve found myself in  for the past few years – loads of time to sew, with very little daylight to document what I’ve made! I’m probably 5 projects behind at this point. Hopefully, I’ll get to share them with you soon….

In the meantime, I made a project that I can share without modeling – slippers! They haven’t left my feet since Saturday. | slippers

I used a combination of this Instructables tutorial and Andrea’s guest tutorial. I didn’t have a pattern, so I traced my foot and guessed at what the upper shoe pattern should look like. I added 3/8″ seam allowances. And, I used up a whole bunch o’ scraps: cotton canvas scraps from my first Minoru for the outsides and soles, a chunk from a trashed wool blanket for interlining, stash quilting cotton for the lining and bindings, and a scrap of cotton quilt batting  between the outsole and interlining sole.

Speaking of the soles, I should have at least interfaced them because they’re already starting to look a bit worn! I may need to patch them or replace them sooner than later. I’m still chalking these up as a win, as my feet are warm, I used up scraps and I drafted my own pattern! | slippers

And just look at those little tabs on the back! They’re my favorite part.

I’ve also started the coat project – Simplicity 1759 is the winner. The pattern is traced and my muslin is cut out. I’m going to go with the View B front. I’ll be hitting you guys up for advice once I make my muslin, no matter how bad the light is! (And psst, Heather B., the sleeves are two-piecers!)


This time of year also raises the question, how much gift sewing should I be doing for the holidays? If memory serves, I made one gift last year and really enjoyed the low stress level. I’m considering making 2-3 this year, but I’ve got more time on my hands so it feels like the same level of commitment. (I still think about and chuckle over Karen’s post last year about why she doesn’t make presents – and I have to say, her logic against gift-crafting is pretty bullet-proof.) Are you making gifts this year or keeping your sewing time delightfully selfish?


34 thoughts on “So many projects, so little light!

    1. Sorry I did not comment on – so many projects…………,,! I have said similar for years. I am a painter and it’s just not the same painting by electricity. Plus in Tasmania (Australia ) we have the most amazing light. It’s must be something to do with the 40 degrees S maybe, it is magical. So I agree with you comment

  1. I would love to just be a selfish sewer but alas I cannot be! On the one hand though I do not have to exchange a lot of gifts (whew)… but I usually make my girls each a Christmas dress and a few gifts. (Oh, and my son too!) LOVE LOVE the coat- and the special detailing on the back! And the slippers are primo!~Laurie

    1. Thanks, Laurie! You make such nice things for your kids, and it must be gratifying to see them appreciate their dresses and gifts. I thought that was one of Karen’s best points – do you even know that the gifts you slaved over are appreciated? In your case, it sounds like a resounding yes!

  2. Those slippers are the cutest! No wonder they haven’t left your feet! Re making gifts usually by this time of the year after making a whole heap for school fetes I’m completely over making for other people. I have previously made teacher presents and collegue presents (a tissue pouch is always my go to) but I have to admit Karen’s points are on the money. So much love, sweat and tears and time goes into handcrafted presents that I’m thinking hard about it this year. I’m giving myself November for selfish sewing so we’ll see how I fair after that!

    1. Selfish November sounds amazing! You deserve it after all of your hard fete work. I’ll be curious to see where you end up on the question of handmade gifts.

  3. Love the slippers, love the coat! Selfish selfish selfish me! Last year I made a couple of things but only for those who would appreciate them. The year before I went all out and was knackered by Christmas. I suspect this year I will make not a thing! Except food! 🙂

    1. Food is awesome because it’s consumable – either as the giver or receiver, you don’t have to think too much about it after it’s been exchanged!

    1. Thanks, Renee! I think that’s a great attitude – if it gift sewing happens, it happens! It’s nice to wait for inspiration instead of feeling obligated.

  4. These are so cute! I love them! And the coat pattern looks great! What fabric are you using?

    I want to do a fair amount of gift making this year, a mix of sewn and knitted items, but I’m trying to remain calm and not make myself crazy since I’ll be working right up to the holidays and spending the first half of December working on my final project for class. I’m trying to revise my ideas– instead of making a huge worsted-weight cowl for my sister, I may have to make something quicker like fingerless gloves. But we’ll see!

    1. The coat fabric is still TBD – I have some black cotton velveteen but unbeknownst to me when I bought it, it had some stretch to it so I’m hesitant to use it. If I don’t, I may go with some kind of wool – suggestions are welcome! It sounds like you’ve got a busy holiday season ahead of you so it’s great that you’re planning ahead! Your sister gifts are the best.

  5. Awesome slippers! I will have to remember the tutorials. Looking forward to seeing your finished coat!

    Usually I’m a very selfish sewer but around christmas I usually become a little less selfish. I will make a few gifts this year, mainly loop scarves and bags. However, I have to take care that I don’t pressure myself into making too many gifts. Always a thin line 😉

  6. This week is full of selfish sewing but I’m planning several handmade gifts depending on how my time goes.
    Those look like comfy slippers and such fun fabrics.

  7. Hooray! You don’t have even worry about swapping out sleeves. Good job on this one Simplicity.
    I love the slippers, they are full of win.

  8. These are awesome! I really like the orange/red and blue combo and the fact that you used scraps. As for handmade gifts, every year I say I won’t do it because they are not well appreciated and every year I cave and make a few things. This year though, it’s all about handmade gifts for my nieces and nephews. Even if they are too young to appreciate them I’m having fun making them.

    1. Hooray for using scraps! Sewing for young ones is really fun (and the parents generally seem appreciative!) And hey, if you’re having fun making them, it’s a win!

  9. love the slippers! i so badly need to make some for myself. i’d really love to make some with leather bottoms so i stop wearing holes through them! i really don’t do much christmas sewing, the extent of it last year was infinity scarfs for my sisters and pj pants for the kids. committing to too much stresses me out and takes all the joy out of making in the first place. can’t wait to see the coat progress, love the pattern, and yay for a two-piece sleeve!

    1. I would highly recommend leather soles after seeing a a few days’ worth of wear and tear on my cloth-soled slippers. Coat muslin should be ready soon!

  10. I’m a selfish seamstress and don’t sew gifts for others. It just adds stress to a time of the year that should be enjoyed. If I have time, maybe, but I usually don’t 🙂

  11. Such cozy slippers! Just in time for this chill blast we’re starting to have…and I hear you on the lack of light. As for handmade holiday gifts…you’ve got me thinking hard about it now. I usually make edible goodies for our neighbors and attempt handmade for just a few of my closest friends and their kids, but I do wonder if I should take it a lot easier this year. Hmmmmmm….food for thought!

    1. I know, it’s sooo cold out there! I think you should do the amount of holiday creation that sounds fun to you – and then, if you’re like me, shave off 25% as a reality tax!

  12. Great slippers! Impressive that you just made up the pattern! I need to finish up the pair of slippers that I started many weeks ago…

    I always try to to keep the present-making to a minimum, but somehow it always adds up to more than I can finish. This year I’m making stuffed toys for my five nieces and nephew, so I think I’m going to feel like a Christmas elf! Plus I got a couple of requests for knits from the adults. I should really get started soon!

  13. aww, those slippers are extra cute!
    I often do make Christmas presents, the quantity depends on my energy and enthusiasm level that year 🙂

  14. Oooh, love the slippers! How about sewing on (by hand) some ultra suede soles. To make it cooler, you could sew them on with a blanket stitch in red.

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