Deep red bells

(Any other Neko Case fans out there?) | Tilly & The Buttons Mathilde

The deep red bells in this case are, obviously, my Mathilde sleeves. I’ve been admiring Kirsty’s (and many others’) versions and finally decided to buy the pattern as part of my quest to add sleeves into my wardrobe. | Tilly & The Buttons Mathilde

And did I ever add some sleeves to my wardrobe! So big and bossy. | Tilly & The Buttons Mathilde

I used a red cotton that I bought from Our Fabric Stash in Seattle. I didn’t realize it had stretch in it until I got it home and was mad at myself for not noticing sooner – I hate secret stretch! – but it was good wearable muslin fodder. It behaved decently well until the hem, where I switched to my walking foot to make sure the stitches were even.

Since the red color obscures the details of the blouse, here’s a black and white photo. | Tilly & The Buttons Mathilde

I was a smaller size in the bust than my hips but went with the larger size as I was apprehensive about the fit through my broad shoulders. While the shoulders are perfect, the bust is a bit big and the dart was 1″ too high. Still, I’ve been happily wearing my Mathilde all day. I also lengthened the bodice by 1.5″ after reading some reviews by other tall sewists. (I’m 5’8″ with a long torso, by the way, and the hem hits halfway down the fly on some average-rise pants). | Tilly & The Buttons Mathilde

I’m quite smitten with it, and have already cut out my next version in the same white linen used in my color blocked dress and tiger costume! Hats off to Tilly for designing such a delightful blouse.


30 thoughts on “Deep red bells

  1. This is a lovely pattern – nice bells! And now I have the song in my head… not a bad way to start my morning, actually, thanks!

    1. I know what you mean – I was wondering the same thing myself, which may have been part of why I waited so long to try (in addition to the fact that I always seem to wait a long time to try new patterns). I think lengthening the bodice and making sure the fit is ok through the shoulders are key!

  2. I just bought this pattern recently too, I just love the sleeves. I’m considering omitting the front pleats and gathering all along that seam line. Love it in red, can’t wait to see it in linen.

    1. I could totally see Mathilde being a great match for your style! I really like how the tucks flatten out the front and contrast the gathered sleeves but I’ll bet a gathered version would be very soft and lovely. Excited to see your version!

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