House warming

Our house is gas-heated and quite drafty, which is an expensive combination. Our solution has been space heaters, which are less costly and allow for targeted heating. Our living room/dining room has two entrances and no doors, however, so it was tough to heat. My solution was to make curtains for the doors.

I briefly considered cutting into a piece of thrifted white linen – it would have been so easy – but started to feel guilty when I caught sight of my scrap heap. Between scraps and fabric harvested from my busted couch cushions, I had enough of that tan linen to piece two 37″ x 80″ door curtains. The brighter pieces are small scraps of white linen and tan cotton voile I added for visual interest. | scrap curtains

I dyed the fabric twice because the yellow I chose initially blended badly with the tan color – baby poo brown, Nathan deemed it. I like the orange a lot – it’s one of my favorite colors – but I’m open to dyeing over it again because it dominates the space. I’m going to let it go for now. | scrap curtains

This project felt like total drudgery – french-seams! long hems! tan for days! – but I’m writing this post in a nice, warm living room, so the effort was worth it. My resistance to this project made me worry that I won’t be able to complete a quilt this winter, but at least the quilt will involve the fun of mixing different fabrics and no French seams. | scrap curtains

And hopefully that smug “I just used scrap fabric” feeling is addictive.


16 thoughts on “House warming

    1. Thank you, Stacia! Two things I should have mentioned in the post is that I wish I’d made the curtains a little wider – they’re only slightly wider than the door frame. Also, I used compression rods but I’ll bet you could get even more of a sealing effect with a mounted curtain rod that covered the top of the doorway as well. Please do share if you decide to make some curtains!

  1. Great idea and I like the effect of the mixing of materials and dying 🙂
    I hear you on the drudgery, I’ve no proper curtains on 3/4 windows for that very reason, I have the fabric, not the inclination. A 2014 project I think!

  2. these are great! i really like all the piecing, and yay for using stash fabrics! i hear you on the tedium of sewing curtains… i have a few small windows that need curtains… and we’ve lived in this house for over two years now. heh heh… oops.

    1. Haha! Too funny. I’m sure I wouldn’t have done these until next year without the powerful financial incentive of saving on heating costs.

    1. Thanks, Sonja! I’ve never heated a house before, so this is definitely an experiment. But I’ve heard horror stories about gas heating costs, so I’m hoping this strategy will help!

  3. I love how the colours pop in your space, and the piecing effect is really cool! Sometimes the drudge work is worth it for the look (and energy savings!) but I totally understand – I’ve been putting off making sheets for a while now.

    1. Thanks, Chantal! I’ve been basking in the warm room for a couple days now, and it really was worth it. I’ve also been dreaming of making some sheets…

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