Fall has arrived abruptly and violently in Seattle – I could have sworn we went from high 70s (F) to low 50s in a matter of two days. The torrential rain prevented me from both documenting and wearing the light autumnal jacket I finished last week. Until today!

Perhaps due to the change in weather, Nathan and I both came down with persistent low-grade fevers a couple of days ago. (Coincidentally, that’s when the weather cleared up.) After two days of being bed- and house-bound, we took a field trip to the post office and I kind of tricked Nathan into a 5-minute photo shoot. Then I went straight back to bed. | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

Looking a little bit vacant, no? | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

As you might have guessed, I used the Sewaholic Minoru pattern. I made a size smaller than my previous version, shortened it by 8″ and took the side seams at the bottom hem in by a half-inch to reduce some of the flare. I think the fit is even better than my other Minoru, and I can still wear a loose-fitting sweater underneath. | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

The only other real change was forgoing the elastic wristbands for flat ones and shortening the sleeves a tiny bit. They’re still pretty long! | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

It was really fun to re-visit this pattern and see how much more comfortable I am with a lot of the techniques this pattern requires. Top-stitching, lining and outerwear in general were mysterious to me when I attempted my first Minoru. This one felt like a victory lap. | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

Fabric-wise, this was a pretty thrifty jacket! I used a tiny portion of the olive linen I got at the stash shop, almost all of the rest of the fabric scraps from Nathan’s birthday shirt, and a little bit of silk twill I had in my stash to line the sleeves. Man, slippery sleeve linings are so luxurious. You can practically hear my sleeves squeaking as I try to put my arms in my other Minoru (fully lined in cotton) – not so with this one! | shortened Sewaholic Minoru

My goal with this project was to create a fall/spring jacket that was the right length for the higher waistlines of dresses and skirts. (If you haven’t already, check out Andrea’s short jacket – she created it to extend the wear of her warmer-weather dresses.) I could easily see myself creating a third version in a slightly longer length that would work well with pants.  I think taking 6″ instead of 8″ off the hem would do it.

So! That’s my first piece of fall sewing to hit this blog. It remains to be seen if it will see more wear this year; so much depends on the weather. Maybe I should start my winter coat project now? If you’ve got some good tips on timing seasonal sewing, please share!


32 thoughts on “Mini-ru

  1. oh i am crazy in love with this cropped version! so clever! the colors are perfect for fall. love it. and i hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  2. Oooooh, this came out beautifully! I just love this jacket pattern, I think it makes the practical look so chic. And, yes, lining in silk is ALWAYS the way to go. I’m sure it feels like heaven in there. 🙂

  3. This looks absolutely brilliiant! and I love EVERYTHING about it; the colour, the length, the style. Perfection. You’ve done a beautiful job! I’ve got this pattern too and am yet to make it up… I really should give it a go!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I would love to see your take on this pattern. I could see you making some great customizations if you were so inclined!

  4. Love your first fall piece! You do chose great colors for yourself by the way. Yeah that timing this is a tough one, I’m half tempted to sew all my fall / winter pieces now in the middle of southern hemisphere summer so that they’re ready for when it’s actually cold next.

  5. ooh this is lovely! The shorter length makes it look like a completely different jacket and the colour looks great on you. No tips from me as I’ve realised how terrible I am at seasonal sewing. I’m so slow I should really have been sewing a winter jacket in the summer and be making summer dresses now – however I don’t find it much fun to sew a season ahead, I’d rather sew for now!

    1. I agree, it’s so gratifying to make something that you can wear right away. Maybe that will change as I continue to build my wardrobe – planning ahead might be more fun.

  6. I actually never would have thought this is the minoru jacket. It looks fabulous on you! Great that you feel more comfortable with all of the techniques used. I hope you feel well soon. Here we had a very warm summer so we’re waiting for the dreary rain. It’s coming…

  7. Your jacket looks super cool! Making our own outerwear is really something. No consolation I know, but you look fine in your photos…hope you are feeling better now x

  8. O this is so fab, Morgan! Love all the alterations and how smart to use silk for the sleeve linings! I’m coveting that dress too by the way. I’m also trying to figure out when to make a coat…it’s so gorgeous today after the crazy rainy weather, it’s hard to feel inspired to make winter wear! Hope you feel much better soon!

    1. Thanks, Sanae! The dress was a thrift-store find – I couldn’t believe it. And I also couldn’t believe how quickly the weather turned this weekend. All of the sudden, I didn’t need a jacket at all!

  9. Oh wow! What a fantastic jacket!! It looks really warm and practical, I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of it this Autumn. I am so jealous of your incredibly neat top stitching.

  10. This is just too cool Morgan! This version really shows off nicely the gathers at the shoulder and back – I love it! Perfect length too. Hope you are feeling better soon 🙂

  11. i love it – my favourite shade of green, and I really like the length, though this post does make me think I should maybe try re-tackling my disaster Minoru from last year that I abandoned 1/2 way…

      1. I know I should, but I actually need to unpick all of mine (all that top stitching in thick wool!) and resize all the pieces as I made it the wrong size, and then I added seam allowances as well!

  12. Sorry to hear you both got sick! I’ve found this Seattle fall to be thrillingly beautiful. However, I feel your frustration with not being able to wear something you made because of the weather. I am realizing I need to learn how to make long-sleeve tops, stat. My arms are always so cold, I’m constantly covered in goosebumps.

  13. I really love this version Morgan! I’m about to embarke on my first minoru jacket and the wealth of beautiful versions has inspired and confused me! So much choice- shortening it is a very good idea. I’m tiny so don’t want to feel swamped. Plans!!!!

    Elle 🙂

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