Scrunds! | fabric scrap illustration

I’ve got my stash pretty under control; it’s contained on 4 out of 5 shelves of a skinny-ish bookshelf. What is out of control right now is my scrap stash. It takes up just as much space as my uncut fabrics. Given the size of my scrap stash, it should come as no surprise that the barrier for entry into the stash are pretty low – I’ll keep anything that could be used to piece a quilt. And my quilt output (one quilt) really doesn’t justify my hoarding! I also keep knit scraps, which aren’t suitable for quilts anyway. They were just taking up space – until now!

I had tried to make some scrunds* a year or two ago by cutting up an old pair that fit pretty well. I didn’t understand how much extra fabric I needed to translate between stretch synthetic to 100% cotton t-shirt material, and I cut the elastic too small. Woof. I was pretty discouraged and not super comfy. My jersey scraps motivated me to try again. I downloaded So, Zo’s pattern last month and made 5 pairs in rapid succession. They’re simple to make and they fit me perfectly. I made a sizable dent in my jersey scrap pile!

After my first two pairs, I went a little crazy on Etsy and bought a bunch of picot elastic in a few of my favorite colors (check out that persimmon color!) I felt like it was a small investment in the service of a greater goal.

Do you feel extremely virtuous when you use up fabric scraps?

*”Scrunds” is my favorite euphemism for unmentionables. I use it here to (hopefully) fly under the radar of creepers, but also because it’s the word I use most often! My friend Elizabeth once shared that her mom likes to use the admonishment “Don’t get your scrunders in a bunch!” and I’ve been using some variation of the word ever since.


34 thoughts on “Scrunds!

  1. OMG these are adorable!!! I loooove the purple / persimmon combo. I recently rid myself of grummies with too-small elastic – so liberating. I think constrictive belting around the lower abdomen is one of the greatest evils a piece of clothing can inflict upon you. Right on up there with VPL (but still behind synthetic-inspired pit funk).

    1. Grummies!! Another wonderful word. I agree with you on the evils of a constricted lower abdomen. Although I think VPL is more of a harm to viewers, not the wearer!

  2. Oh dear, preaching to the choir here… I’m trying to get my scraps under control…. I have yet to attempt scrunds though. Love that name for them and your’s turned out super cute.
    Using up scraps makes me feel quite efficient!

  3. That pattern has saved many a jersey scrap! Great minds think a like though, I have just posted on using up scraps…I am looking for garment patterns for wovens that use up tiny amounts. Great going with the jersey, and if you have any ideas for me, please let me know!! X

  4. They’re some pretty fabulous scrunds! I just had a huge throw-out (giveaway) of my scraps. At first I felt guilty but then oh-so-very-good. But probably not as good as I would have felt if I had cute new scrunds.

    1. I did a big cleanout in our old apartment, composting the natural fibers and throwing out the synthetics. It did feel really good! But now that I’ve got more space and better storage bins, the scraps are adding up again. I’m determined to make a scrap project and/or find a better way to dispose of them! And cute new scrunds are the best!

  5. Haha! I’ve also heard them called Reg Grundies! I’m with you on the scrap hoarding – I was recently ruthless with mine and ditched a heap! Nice work – I think diy comfy grundies must be a sewists holy grail!

  6. I have a confession – I throw away all my fabric scraps. I don’t know why and I know it’s wasting fabric but when I have little bits left over from a project – 1/2 yard or less, I never save it. It’s partially because I know that if I do, I will end up with a closet full of scraps and the liklihood of me using it again is slim to none. But I love that you’re being resourceful and putting your scraps to good use – undies. I might start saving mine – the briefs you made are too cute!

    1. I am definitely in the “closet full of scraps” camp! I may need to give myself another sewing dare to make a scrap project… Given that you make gorgeous undies, I’ll bet you could blast through those scraps. Or, with 1/2 yard scraps, I’ll bet you could be a quilter’s best friend (depending on the type of fabric)!

  7. My mom is getting famous for her use of “scrunders”! Though the credit for the invention of the word goes to a family friend, who made it up when she was about 10 I think. I love that it’s getting so much mileage.

  8. Oh, I always feel incredibly virtuous when sewing with scraps!!!! Afterwards I keep looking over my shoulder for a choir to start singing my praises…. ha! Cute underthings 🙂

  9. i definitely have way too many scraps! i do try to use them up, or give them over to the kiddos to play/sew with. i have grand plans of ways to use up all the extra bits… some day i’ll get to it. these “scrunds” are adorable, and i love that word!

  10. They are so super cute! Yes, the scraps! I thought ‘scrunds’ might have been your word for scraps that are so small that you don’t know what to do with them but that you don’t want to throw out. These little bitties def need a name. I have soooo much of them. And yes, I feel very virtuous using up the scraps!

    1. “Scrunds” can really mean whatever you want it to mean, and I think i would be a great word for scraps. Maybe you could start an alternate meaning on your side of the world!

  11. Omg, they are too friggin’ cute!! I love the lace that you used. What Etsy shop did you buy from?? Ha ha! That’s a good idea to try to keep away the creepers. I’ll have to remember that in future posts!

  12. Ahhhh I need to try this! I keep knit scraps, too, and they’re really becoming a horrible problem! What a great way to use them up!

    I totally want to steal that phrase– “scrunders in a bunch” is amazing!

  13. I find myself in the exact same situation! Larger remnants I keep under control pretty well, but my little scraps are taking over my dining room. I too hold onto them for quilting purposes, but I don’t quilt! I tried finding a charity that would take them, but most groups only want 1/4 yard pieces or larger. Anyhoo, thanks for the idea!

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