Something for my sister

My sister (formerly my co-blogger at Crab&Bee, who now blogs here) and I have pretty similar taste in a lot of things, but we’re both quite aware of the finer points of taste in which we differ. Perhaps that’s a holdover from being so close in age and needing to find some ways of differentiating ourselves.

When we were teenagers, I always wanted the most basic version of everything: plain black shorts, plain khaki pants, plain red jacket, plain purple backpack. If you think I like basics now, you should have seen me back then! My sister, on the other hand, wanted neon multi-color everything, with a heavy dose of feathers, beads and clashing prints. Things have swung the other way, with my sister loving calming neutral colors (so much navy, grey, white, and beige) and subtle patterns, and me mixing in bright colors and bold prints with my basics.

I decided to make a little something for my sister and dug through my gigantic pile of scraps. I came up with a gorgeous batik scrap harvested off the top of a skirt I bought in Laos that didn’t end up fitting me, as well as a bit of stretch denim left over from my blue-grey bustier.

Scrap pouch,

I added a tan denim zipper, because nobody loves tan more than my sister, and it looked nice with the mottled tan in the batik print.

Scrap pouch,

The lining is a quilting cotton I found at SCRAP on my Portland trip earlier this year.

Scrap pouch,

If I’d been making this for myself, I probably would have used a white contrast fabric and maybe a red zipper! It was a fun design exercise to think about what my sister would really like. It was also quite gratifying to use one of my most treasured scraps.

When we were younger, I think my sister and I used to compare ourselves to each other in a detrimental way; who was more interesting, smarter, more successful, had better taste? Now that we’re out of our teens and early twenties, we enjoy discussing our similarities and differences in a positive way and appreciating each other’s interests and tastes.

Do you have someone in your life you compare your taste against? Or perhaps you compare your current tastes with those of your past self?


11 thoughts on “Something for my sister

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It was lovely of you to think about what your sister would appreciate in so much detail. As a fellow devotee of beige and navy blue, I can totally see where she is coming from, and of course adore the bag you made her! All the women in my family compare taste. My mum has a strong sense of style – practical and simple, with very limited pattern, that I find myself increasingly drawn to with age. I used to be a bit more hippie! One of my daughters already show a strong preference for classics and solid colours (at 16!). The other is very trendy. It’s such fun watching their style develop and grow!

  2. Gosh, I didn’t realize you had a teenaged daughter! You look very youthful. I’d be interested to see how you dressed when you had more of a hippie style.

    1. Thank you! I will have to see if I can find any photos (up until recently having avoided all cameras with great success!). I have been through many fashion phases including some extremely ill advised ones, such as when I went for the androgynous look and shaved my hair off in homage to Annie Lennox (this teamed with studded belt, all black clothes and red nail varnish. My parents were truly perplexed!). There is a photograph, but wild horses wouldn’t drag it out of me!

  3. love the little bag! it’s so sweet that you customized it just for her tastes. i’ve always been a basics girl as well! sewing has brought out my more colorful side, but i try to keep a healthy mix.

  4. What a great gift, Morgan! I love all the thought and care that went into your design. I love making gifts too, and it really is a creative challenge to figure out what others would like!

    1. Thanks, Sanae! I’m getting more into sewing for others. I definitely admire all the lovely projects you’ve made for your daughter!

  5. That’s so generous of you to put so much thought into your sister’s favourite colours, and tastes! It is a very cute clutch and I love the colours together 🙂

  6. Sister Bee here! (As I’m sure all of your blog followers know by now) you really are the best gift-giver ever. So incredibly thoughtful and kind, and your hand-made gifts are very special. Your careful consideration, generous spirit and love shines so brightly in them! xoxo

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