Pajayjay party!

Confession: I didn’t get my sewing machine serviced when I said I would. I kept it all through finals, all through moving, and once I got it all set up in my new space, it started making angry noises. I had to bring it in last Sunday. This was a bit of a challenge as I’d signed up for the Pyjama Party, hosted by Karen of Did You Make That. I got my machine back on Friday evening and had to start my project right away!

I decided to try something new for me and modify a pattern to mimic RTW inspiration. As a side note, a friend and coworker of mine introduced me to the designer Isabel Marant, and I’m just smitten with her work. I have a Pinterest board named Sewing Inspiration that is 50% Isabel. These are the inspiration pants:

image from

Amazing, right?

I adapted a Burda trouser pattern (as I knew I liked the crotch rise and leg width) by widening the hips, shortening the legs and making a rectangular elastic waistband.

I used quilting cotton found from my Portland thrifting trip and some ikat purchased during my birthday week. The jams ended up a little bloomier than their inspiration photo because of the nature of the fabric, but I still think they’re pretty fun. And the waistband is my favorite part, I love the multiple bands of elastic.

I also added some pockets using a skirt pattern (McCall’s 5591) that I’m currently working with.

I don’t know what it is – maybe moving recently – but I’ve been living in pajama pants lately. I have one other thrifted pair that sees a lot of use, so it’s great that I can rotate now.

And do they count as pajama pants if you wear them to the grocery store??


40 thoughts on “Pajayjay party!

    1. Haha, yah… especially with the darker color, just looks like an accident happened. I did consider trying a gusset of some sort, just for fun, but ran out of time!

  1. Oh cute!! And, pockets, nice! These look like summer capris to me, you can totally wear them as pants. I joined the pajama party as well, but my pjs are definitely house pjs, they are quiet ‘loud’. Lol.

  2. These are cute! I especially like the contrast fabric here. What burda pattern is this? I’ve been looking for some loose fitting pants like these, that aren’t too “harem” style. These look just right!

    1. Thanks, Jill!

      I used a trouser pattern – Burda 7250, on the Simplicity website – which doesn’t look much like my finished pants. They have a couple of other options that might be close to what you’re looking for, Burda 6778 and 6866.

  3. I’m with Sally, these are super cool! But although the contrast crotch seems ok on the inspiration pair, I don’t know many adults in real life that could pull that look off! I love the ikat fabric you used, it looks as if it has a really good texture.

  4. Wow, those are amazing! They would be perfect for yoga – I’m going to have to make myself a similar pair!

  5. Love your new pj pants, for me a great thing about being to sew yourself is that you can make special things for everyday. These definitely fall in to that category!

  6. These are lovely, and are definitely stylish enough to be worn outside as well! I really like your waistband. When you say mutiple bands of elasic, did you shir the waistband or is it elastic underneath then just stitched over the top with normal thread?

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I think what I did is called elastic casing, I folded a rectangular waistband in half and then sewed equally-sized rows and inserted elastic. Every other row has elastic. I think the Colette Mini-Bloomers use the same technique!

  7. love the pj’s! they look super comfortable, and totally wearable outside the house. i really like how you did the waistband.

  8. Those are great!!! (and yes, you can wear those in public) I think I had better step up my pajama game (oh, god, no pun intended if you know that show). I’ve just been making lots of PJ shorts for lounging at home.

  9. I would definitely wear these to the grocery store, and probably to work too… no one would know they were pyjamas, unless you told them, or they caught you just out of bed 🙂

  10. Cute, and they look really comfy too! I think they’d look great for the beach too. I love how the fabrics look together 🙂

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