Week 5 MMM ’13

Get ready for a serious streak of blue and grey!

DAY 27: Sweater Renfrew (Jan. 2013) and Blue 2451 (Winter 2010)
Reflections: I really liked how this outfit looked, but the sweater was driving me crazy. If I even moved my arms, the neckline would lift an inch off my shoulders. It’s just too narrow and the shoulders are too sloped. The knit I used doesn’t have much stretch to it, either.
AM Activity: I had the day off, but ended up going on a morning run anyway.


DAY 28: Unblogged Wiksten tank (May 2013)
Reflections: I’m still trying to get through my stash of fabric, and decided to use a scrap of white linen as the top part of a Wiksten tank. I used a woven ikat cotton for the bottom part. I loved wearing this tank, although it was a bit lower than I was expecting. Now that I’ve been clipping my neckline seam allowance on this pattern, it’s much larger and I don’t need lower the neckline and arm holes by 1/2″ anymore.
AM Activity: none


DAY 29: Grey days dress (July 2012)
Reflections: This is a sturdy, sturdy dress. I used black cotton twill and a stretch denim scrap. Not only is the waistband interfaced, it’s self-lined. I didn’t know about grading seams at that point. I’d like to use another fabric for the waistband lining as well as grade the seams. The hem could get a refresh too, I triple-stitched it but I think a blind stitch would look nicer.
AM Activity: Writing in my journal


DAY 30: Vogue 1247 top (May 2013, unblogged)
Reflections: I loved wearing this top, even more than it’s orange sister. I’ve really learned a lot about handling fabric since I made my original version, and I already knew this top worked for me. I thought the horizontal lines would show up a lot more but they just kind of obscure the seams of the shirt. I guess it’s an excuse to make another version.
AM activity: none


DAY 31: Pilgrim Portfolio top (Feb/Mar 2013)
Reflections: I finally got the motivation to re-do the waistband on the pair of pants I’ve been working on for a couple of months. It would have been amazing to finish out the month wearing pants (PANTS!) I made, but it would have required panic sewing and serious homework neglect. Instead, I gave a garment I wore once and ignored a second chance. It was intended as a stash-bust/trial run of the Lisette Portfolio dress. I remain ambivalent; I like the general idea of it but it just feels frumpy when I’m wearing it. Part of the problem might be that it seems to be designed for someone much shorter than I. I added a 2.5″ band at the bottom. Another issue might be fabric; I used a very lightweight cotton. Perhaps a weightier fabric would make this design hang better? Anyway, even if it’s not my favorite garment, I think it’s a fitting way to end Me-Made-May: experimenting!
AM activity: Much ironing.


My final thoughts on Me-Made-May? It was a really lovely way to connect with other sewists. I thought I read every sewing blog on the planet and was amped to find new ones! I also enjoyed benchmarking my sewing improvements; since last year, I’ve gotten more intentional about what I sew, better at choosing fabrics, better at fit, and I’ve been working really hard at taking my time. The projects I’ve made in the last year are noticeably better than older projects, and that’s a great feeling. My goal for getting up early in the mornings was a useful exercise that had mixed results. I got up early most days but choosing an outfit and documenting it really did eat up most of the time. The nice thing is, I’ve fallen into a routine where I get up an hour earlier than I was before MMM.


I was inspired by Gillian’s MMM palette challenge and wanted to see what colors I’d been gravitating towards. It appears to be near-neons, neutrals, and nothing in between. Should be helpful for wardrobe planning, no? Have you ever taken stock of your self-made color palette?

Welp, after all that documentation, I’m pretty tired of seeing my own face! Maybe after I’m done with homework and moving, I’ll work on some accessories or house stuff to give myself a break from… myself. Hope you had a great Me-Made-May!


25 thoughts on “Week 5 MMM ’13

  1. I was also inspired by the color scheme approach to MMM and it has given me a renewed kick in the pants to try to design a better approach to my wardrobe in the coming months. I certainly trend toward blues, greens, neutrals, and some purples, maroons, and reds. My fabric stash does not really fit with my preferred color scheme, which may account for my general frustration when it comes to creating everyday clothes as opposed to costumes.

    1. I understand the feeling, especially when trying to work with more stashed or thrifted fabrics. It reminds me of a conversation I had with an art professor at Scripps. I was having a hard time starting my thesis and asked his advice. He said, “You have no materials or supplies, how are you going to make anything?” Good question. I’m thrifty by nature, which can be great (making something out of very little, improvising) and frustrating (trying to make something out of nothing).

      I hope some fabrics in your colors come your way so you can start making clothes you love!

  2. Your outfits were some of my favorites from the group, I really like your style! I had the same problem with the Renfrew shoulder seams, I am going to try again adding a little to the shoulders. And when I learned about grading seams (not that long ago) it was a revelation!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly! I’m sorry you had problems with your Renfrew, but I’m a bit glad I’m not the only one. I seem to only be capable of implementing a new skill (like grading seams) after the pitfalls of NOT implementing it sink in!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your MMM. All your outfits are distinctive (that’s a compliment!). I am fed up of my face too (on my blog) especially as I look so tired so often! Colour palettes interest me greatly, I actually had my colours analysed in December (I will post about it soon), it has helped greatly with my aim of having a smallish but versatile wardrobe. Seeing your clothes together you seem to be going for neutrals with flashes of colour to brighten everything up, it seems like a good balance! I hope you get through everything you have to do with ease and I will look forward to catching up when it’s all done!

  4. Hi Morgan. I’ve loved seeing all your outfits through MMM – I must have missed that grey dress on the Flick pool though, it’s lovely! I really like the colour palette idea! What did you use to create that large collage?

    1. Hi Kathryn! I just took screen captures of my flickr set and then basted them together (I had to take three separate shots as I scrolled through my set) in Illustrator. I’d love to see your colors, although I have a hunch on what some of them might be!

  5. Love the new 1247 top and I so know what you about being sick of seeing your own image by the end of MMM. I need a break from myself!

  6. I thought I read every sewing blog too, but I found yours as I was following along MMM this year. I like your use of prints and how well it fits into your non-MMM wardrobe. Congrats on finishing out the entire month. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  7. I LOVE your colour palette! It’s so radically different than the colours I graviate towards, but when I look at it, I think, “Yup, those are definitely Morgan’s colours!” I like how modern the bright colours are next to the neutrals. I would have thought you wore more shades of taupe, but looking at your pics, i guess you don’t! 😉

    So looking at your palette, what colours do you think you need to buy or dye? Does your stash match your palette?

    1. Thanks for the inspiration, Gillian! Even though our palettes are pretty different, I noticed that we share a fondness for a particular shade of red-orange. 🙂

      Most of my stashed fabrics are remarkably true to this palette. (If anything, I sometimes think I should experiment more.) The fabrics I’m most looking forward to using next are magenta twill for pants, a navy/blue/red African wax fabric, and blue-and-white striped jersey. Ironically, the fabric in my stash that doesn’t fit into the palette is yards and yards of taupe linen from The Couch Repair That Wasn’t. There’s some dyeing in my future, too!

  8. MMM has been so much fun to watch. Your color palette is so interesting – I would like to do something similar!

    I had similar issues with my Renfrew sweatshirt and ended up giving mine to a smaller friend. I need to make a Vogue 1247 top. I see them everywhere and love them all. It’s such a great top!

  9. I didn’t participate this year, but definitely want to next year. Your handmade clothes look great and they all seam so versatile, you could mix and match them all easily! I now have a goal to work towards for next May!

    1. Thank you so much! This is my third me-made month, and I’ve learned a ton each time. This is the first time that putting together outfits felt a little easier. I’ll look forward to seeing your outfits next May!

  10. great outfits, as always. your posts were among my favorites! and yes to the renfrew shoulders being too narrow! i finally figured this out after a few tries…

  11. It’s been great seeing your outfits! I love the color palette as well. I should probably do this as well – a little planning goes a long way! This month has made me a lot more aware of how the colors in my wardrobe work (or don’t work) together. Seeing it all together over the course of a month is definitely a shift from my usual perspective.

    1. Thanks, Alice! I would love to see your color palette, as I think you might be one of those people who can wear and mix every gorgeous bright color in the rainbow.

  12. I loved your outfits so much! Your color palette is so fun! The Wiksten tank is really pretty– I like the light-colored yoke paired with the ikat. So cute!

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