Week 4 MMM 13

This week was a little rocky as I didn’t document a couple of days. It actually felt a bit nice, in a lazy sort of way. It made me wonder if I would get as much out of a me-made month if I only documented part of the week? I know some of you do partial weeks, have you enjoyed having on-days and off-days? Is the documenting the same thing as the challenge for you, or are they separate? Anyway, here’s what I did document!

DAY 20: Black and white dress (Summer 2011)
Reflections: I feel great every time I wear this dress, although it’s worth noting I’m becoming more prudish than I’d thought. I felt somewhat exposed at work in this knee-length dress!


DAY 21: Wore a new project but it was too rainy to document in the morning and I had to go straight to class after work.

DAY 22: Sick day, wore the shirt from Day 3 of MMM ’11 and these shorts ( July 2012) but didn’t document.
Reflections: I was comfortable, which was my only requirement.
AM Activity: I slept until noon and then rested all day.

DAY 23: Tie-dye tank (June 2012)
Reflections: I think this tank looks better without a cardigan, as it’s made of a stiffer quilting cotton and doesn’t have much drape. It’s the same fabric as this dress.
AM Activity: Photo-documenting this quilt!


DAY 24: Blue bustier (August 2012) with my black cardigan (May 2013)
Reflections: I think this is my ideal kind of outfit, casual with a few little interesting design details.
AM Activity: Drank coffee with my husband, who’s started roasting his own beans this year.


DAY 25: Refashioned tee (August 2012)
Reflections: Nathan and I helped a friend move, so I wanted to able to move. This t-shirt, which is refashioned from two other lackluster t-shirts, fit the bill. I sewed a band around the bottom, which is my favorite way to finish knit hems.


DAY 26: Galaxy tee refashion (June 2012)
Reflections: I love this top. I might need to cut my hair, though.


This next week is going to be a bit crazy; my school program is reaching an end (hooray!) but that also means my final project is due soon. Nathan and I are also moving in early June. I’m considering sending my machine to the shop; it needs a tune-up and I need to focus!


10 thoughts on “Week 4 MMM 13

  1. Yikes, good luck with your crazy schedule and your final project! Servicing the machine is probably a good idea– no temptation for you, plus it won’t be in the shop later on when you’ll actually need it!

  2. Day 24 is my kind of ideal outfit too. Comfortable, yet pulled together. I am in need of some casual cardis – I’ll check out the one that you used!

  3. Good luck with your work, and your move! Sounds like a good time to get your machine services – then it’ll be all ready to install in a new sewing space in your new home!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. Loving your style, I especially like your tie dye pieces, so modern and personal. I’m so wanting a hair cut too at the moment, I’m thinking a chic little bob, not sure I’m brave enough though.

  5. You’ve done a great job of taking pics in lots of different locations this year! It’s been fun to see your me-mades in action!

    I hope your busy week goes well – take deep breaths, and see you on the flip side! 🙂

  6. You look like you feel great in that dress, I don’t think I’ve seen it on the blog before but it’s gorgeous. You definitely know how to work hand-made outfits in well with store bought, you’re pretty much my hand-made style icon right now!

  7. All great outfits! I wonder about having days off from the documenting too… but that’s almost the challenge isn’t it. Keeping up with the photos, staying enthusiastic and then participating in the flickr group. Aaah. I’m looking forward to getting that time back in my day. All the best for the hectic time ahead. Yes, send your machine off for servicing. It’s the only way:)

  8. I love all of your outfits. I also haven’t documented everyday. It’s more of a challenge to take pictures than wear me-made outfits.

  9. Love your photos this week, especially like your tie dye top. I think it’s the vibrant colours and I also like the deep flat neckband. I only did four days a week for MMM – it’s my first year taking part and I don’t have many clothes I made myself. Remembering to take photos is much harder than wearing the handmade clothes. Some of my pictures are dreadful! I joined in for quite specific reasons and taking part has given me an ‘excuse’ to focus on my clothes and what I want to do in the future. Good luck with your busy time!

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