Quilt for baby girl

There’s been a lot of talk on this blog about making a quilt. Two things finally made it happen: our dear friends are having a baby girl this summer and I got a walking foot!


I ended up using the Japanese linen from my great-aunt, as well as a bit of the black-and-white cotton floral, that I received the same weekend I got the walking foot. I was saving it for something really special, and this was the perfect occasion. I loved that it was a bit girly with the pinks and oranges, but not over the top.


I machine-quilted in straight(ish) lines and then bias-bound the edges. I was very taken with the striped binding on the quilt that Kirsty made, so I wanted to give that a try.


I bought a bias-tape maker, which was a huge timesaver.


I was glad to use some of my most beautiful scraps, some of which you might recognize! The new parents are artists, a dancer and a poet, with really modern tastes, so I thought they might like some bolder colors and prints.


I gave it to them last week. The crazy thing is, they had just started researching quilts the night before!


17 thoughts on “Quilt for baby girl

  1. This looks fantastic. I love the pop of yellow and the organgey red flowers. It’s just perfect! How did you find your walking foot? I’ve always struggled with the bulk of the quilt under my machine arm so always end up doing it by hand. Did you have trouble with this?

    1. Thanks, Kirsty! I went to the local authorized dealer for Bernina to get my walking foot. (It sounds like walking feet can add extra wear and tear on a machine, so it might help to buy one from the same manufacturer as your machine.) To work with the bulk of the quilt, I rolled it up as I went until I hit the middle and could switch directions. It got a little cumbersome, but the batting I used was pretty low-profile. Hand quilting is so beautiful, though, I’d like to work up to doing that!

  2. I love this quilt! I’m with Sonja, it’s really refreshing to see something for a baby girl that nice and bright without being sacharine sweet! I haven’t really looked into quilting yet but would love to give it a try – and it’s great to know I can buy a foot for my Bernina that would mean I could do it on the machine.

  3. i love the quilt! i keep meaning to go through all my scraps and start a quilt, but sewing clothes always seem to take precedence… good call on the straight line quilting, it looks very modern.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I know what you mean, I’ve been meaning to sew a quilt for myself for a long time. Having someone to give it to really motivated me to make one!

  4. Phew. Quilts always look like SO much work, but of course you did an amazing job. There was no pattern or anything — you just sewed it up? Very cool. What lucky parents and what a lucky babe.

    1. Thanks, girl! No pattern, just rectangular-ish pieces and I trimmed the ones that were a little too big. It’s a lot easier than making a garment, I promise!

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