Week 3: MMM ’13

Let’s jump right into the outfits, shall we?

DAY 13: Natural blocking tunic (Feb. 2013) + shibori scarf (2009?)
Reflections: This linen tunic is totally comfortable without (I hope) being sloppy. I wear it about every other week. I’d like to try making the pattern again in a print or solid. It’s a great backdrop to the scarf, which can clash with my other bright self-made garments.
AM Activity: Ironing the crap out of this tunic!


DAY 14: Citrus slice top (July 2012)
Reflections: This top is just wonderful to wear all day long. I wore it to work and then went straight to my evening class. My instructor commented on how bright it was. Then he proceded to say it was the same color as the jumpsuits convicts wear. Then he got really embarrassed and tried to back-pedal. Ha! (I would definitely give an orange jumper a wear.) I’d like to fix the hem before I wear this top again; it’s sewn unevenly  and curls up. Then, I want to make another!
AM Activity: More ironing, and enjoyed little morning meal – homemade protein bars, vitamins, and a lot of water.


DAY 15: Pink tank (May 2013) + skirt (late 2010, never blogged)
Reflections: The pink tank tucks in quite nicely! Good to know. I put this outfit together pretty last-minute. I liked it overall, but felt a teensy bit juvenile. I also noticed that the twill on this version of Simplicity 2451 is a lot nicer to wear than the denim-from-Joann’s versions.
AM activity: Managed to get up early even though I had a late class last night! I did some home yoga.


DAY 16: Shibori Satsuki (April 2013)
Reflections: My Satsuki is one of the most dramatic pieces of clothing I’ve made, which is why I love it, but I still felt a little conspicuous rolling into work! I could have sworn the woman I rode the elevator with was staring at it. I can’t be sure. I got over it pretty fast. She was probably thinking how awesome it was, or not thinking about it at all.
AM activity: None! I started sewing at 9pm and lost track of the time… it was a pretty late night.


DAY 17: Basic black cardigan (May 2013)
Reflections: I’m really glad I took the time to make this cardigan. It’s a great weight, I never got too warm or cold. I wore a thrifted dress and thrifted leggings, which I wouldn’t have worn without the cardigan.
AM Activity: I took a short run to our community garden plot.


DAY 18: Sick day, I didn’t take any pictures. I did wear this shirt with these shorts.
Reflections: My only requirement was comfort, which was met.

DAY 19: Basic black cardigan (May 2013) and silkscreened thrifted tank (2009)
Reflections: Already wearing my cardigan again! I may make another sooner than I thought. It paired well with a neglected me-made, a thrifted silk tank that I printed my artwork on.


I’ve really liked taking note of when my self-made items were made. 2009, for instance, featured a lot of screen-printing and shibori. 2010 and 2011 were when I really started sewing garments, but I haven’t kept many garments from that time period. I think my sewing and fitting abilities went way up in 2012 and I’m continuing to work on them in 2013. My closest is an archeological dig!


14 thoughts on “Week 3: MMM ’13

  1. one thing i like about these posts is getting to see what people made either before i was following. love your outfits, especially the orange satsuki (this pattern is on my list!) and the silk screened pink tank!

  2. I love your Satsuki! It’s the perfect mix of casual and striking! I think you could totally get away with another one in your wardrobe… maybe black? Or sky blue for summer? It’s such a great design on you!

  3. Your style is so cool! Your outfits are always so unique and interesting. I have to confess– after I saw your Simplicity 2451 skirt last week, I bopped over to Gorgeous Fabrics and bought some of that fabric! I just couldn’t help myself!

  4. I really want to make a cardigan like that! I think I’d wear it a lot. I like all your shoes as well. What are those black cross cross ones?

      1. Thanks, Andrea! If you’re anything like me, you will definitely wear it a lot. 🙂 The shoes are Coral Criss Cross by Frye. Kinda spendy, but I’ve worn then a lot over a year and they still look great.

  5. I am OBSESSED with that cardigan/hot pink print outfit!! Holy crap!! (Remember the days of easily found silk tanks at the Goodwill?)

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