Week 2: MMM ’13

Hello, hello! Here’s what I wore during Week 2 of MMM.

DAY 6: Unblogged Wiksten tank with button placket (2013 – this weekend)
Reflections: I made this tank because I got frustrated with the pants I’m making, a sewing palate-cleanser. I added a button placket and some length to the tank view. Adding a button placket was easy. I cut two pieces for the front, and added 2.5″ to center front for a 1″ thick placket that is folded over twice. After wearing it all day, I realized how voluminous this tank is! The neck was gaping and the sides were billowing. I’ve since taken it in by creating a center back seam. I’m wondering if the fabric’s deep wrinkles reformed between pressing and cutting?
Morning activity: None! I couldn’t fall sleep because of the hot weather.


DAY 7: Sleeveless blouse (May 2012)
Reflections: This is a generally good blouse, but for some reason, I don’t reach for it often. Perhaps it would be better in a lighter-weight fabric, since it’s a bit boxy. I used the Burda Sleeveless Blouse pattern.
Morning activity: Another warm night! Nathan and I watched Lost later at night instead of going to sleep early.


DAY 8: Anna K skirt (November 2012)
Reflections: Gosh, this skirt is just really nice to wear. I really took my time with it and tried underlining for the first time. The fabric print still makes me really happy.
AM activity: none, Wednesday is my day off (it’s a bad week for early rising so far!)


DAY 9: Redness bustier (April 2012)
Reflections: I led off MMM ’12 with this top (pattern is McCall’s 6325). I still love it! It could probably use some more structure through the bodice, as it’s a thinner quilting cotton, as well as some in the straps.
AM activity: It’s cooled off quite a bit! I did some light yoga and stretching this morning.


DAY 10: Wiksten tank (April 2013)
Reflections: Clearly one of my favorite outfits! Not too much to say here as I just blogged about this tunic, aside from the fact I felt awesome in it all day. One thing I noticed was that this Wiksten felt way less voluminous than Day 6’s (before the addition of the CB seam).
AM activity: I woke up MAD (not sure why, just happens sometimes) and lay in bed stewing. I don’t consider stewing in bed getting up early!


DAY 11: Unblogged Burda Sleeveless Blouse (May 2012) and black skirt (Winter 2010)
Reflections: This blouse was my first of two attempts at the Burda Sleeveless pattern. The fabric was leftovers from my Minoru lining. I dunno. In order to make it less boxy, I curved the side seams (too much). It photographs worse than it looks, but it’s still not my favorite. The facings on this pattern kind of drive me crazy, and it’s very clear to me that I sewed it too fast. The skirt is one of  many made using Simplicity 2451. As my only black skirt, it’s been a bit of a workhorse item for me but it’s starting to look its age! The denim hasn’t kept its color that well. I wonder if I can re-dye it?


Day 12: Self-drafted self-printed tank (never blogged, 2011)
Reflections: I silk-screened this cotton voile with one of my illustrations. I was experimenting with tank patterns at the time, and this was the most successful one. I know I’ve got a muslin of it in my scrap bag, but I’m kicking myself for not making a paper pattern out of it because it’s a great little tank! It saw me through some serious Mother’s Day food prep and two visits to our p-patch garden without breaking a sweat.


As far as sewing went this week, I was happily sidetracked by a non-garment gifty project. I  haven’t gathered the resolve to fix the pants yet. I hope to get them fixed and as well as enjoy some early mornings this week!

What are you working on now?


12 thoughts on “Week 2: MMM ’13

  1. So many great outfits this week. I love that last tank of yours. Good luck finding the resolve for your pants! I’m really hoping to make a pair of the new Megan Nielson cullotes, but my brother just had a baby so I’m madly finishing a quilt I started ages ago. You are right – it is nice to get sidetracked on a gifty project.

  2. That’s a great pink colour on your button front tank, and I love the button idea. I’ve just made my first version of that pattern recently, hopefully it will make an appearance in MMM. I’m trying to revamp a top that didn’t work out, taking a procrastination break to catch up on my blog reading!

  3. I love all your me-mades here! That’s funny you saying about waking up mad, I wonder why that happen sometimes?! Sometimes a good stew is quite theraputic though, well at least I feel it can be. Although I woke up the other morning laughing, which I much prefer!

    1. Haha, that’s wonderful that you woke up laughing!

      I’m pretty sure one of the main reasons I wake up mad is because I’m such a night person. Paradoxically, if I do have to get up (which I do every weekday), I feel better throughout the day if I make myself get up early. So complicated!

  4. Lovely outfits. I really like the mix of pops of colour and monochromes. And I must confess I had a little giggle about you waking up mad on day 10 – this happens to me sometimes for no rhyme or reason too!

  5. Awesome outfits! I know what you mean about waking up mad– if I take a nap, I wake up in a blind rage every single time! My husband knows now to not let me fall asleep in the afternoon or I’ll wake up a crabby mess!

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