Week 1: MMM ’13

Here’s how my first week of MMM went! Along with getting up earlier on weekday mornings, I’m reflecting on the garments themselves in hopes of improving my wardrobe planning and sewing skills.

DAY 1: Melville dress (2012)
Reflections: The drawstring waist totally saves this dress for me! It was generally unworn until I added it. It originally had a sash, and I’ve come to I’m not much of a sash fan.
Morning activity: none, Wednesday is my day off


DAY 2: Unblogged dress, from my Introvert’s Birthday (2013)
Reflections: This is my perfect day dress, in a lot of ways. It’s comfortable, basic, and a good canvas for fabric dye experiments.
Morning activity: Running


DAY 3: Persimmon shirt (2012)
Reflections: I’ve learned a lot about shirt-making since I made this. I made it with low-quality voile and it seems so fragile! I love the color but don’t wear it often for fear of it dissolving. I’d like to try this pattern again and also make some adjustments to the fit (namely in the shoulders).
Morning activity: Writing in my journal


DAY 4: Basic jersey dress (2012)
Reflections: I sewed this dress in a serious haste; I wanted a quick project. Mistakes were made. I also didn’t/don’t feel super confident working with knits and could stand to learn some techniques to sew seams that aren’t wavy. And, how to thread my twin needle. I was surprised to put this dress on on Saturday and like it!


DAY 5: The Prairie Disco dress (2011, refashioned in 2012)
Reflections: I have been fully guilty of panic sewing in MMMs of the past. I made this dress two MMMs ago in a hot haste out of quilting cotton. I didn’t wear it much and refashioned it last year, removing the strange cutout cap sleeves. I still don’t reach for it much, but it was just the right dress for a Sunday morning expedition to the gardening store and coffee with Nathan.


How was your first week, if you’re doing MMM? Are you as blown away as I am by how deep the flickr pool runs?


22 thoughts on “Week 1: MMM ’13

  1. the flickr pool is GINORMOUS, i can’t get through it and know I’ve missed swathes of it, for instance I saw your first dress and your pink tank today but nothing in between!
    love your shirt, pity the fabric is so fragile and also, go you with making us of your mornings 🙂

  2. The colour of that first dress is so gorgeous on you! When you first posted your orange shirt, I was envious that you could wear a shirt so well…they never seem to sit right on me..so I would say, for sure, make this pattern again.

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I’ve only found a couple of RTW collared shirts over the years that really fit me, so I must have just gotten lucky with this pattern.

  3. Great outfits! It’s neat to see how your sewing and style has progressed. Some of my favourite posts of yours were the ones looking back at your first sewing projects… Sometimes I feel like my taste in sewing changes even faster than fashion trends! Last year: fitted dresses. This year: Everything is loose! 😛

    1. Thanks, Gillian! I know what you mean about sewing tastes changing quickly; I’ve got some patterns I bought when I was in a phase that have never been made!

  4. I like the way you’ve organized this post, with the reflections and such. You look great in all of your outfits. I think I like your day 2 dress the best.

  5. loving the blue dress! good call on changing the sash to a drawstring, sashes are nice in theory, but always so fiddly! i’ll have to check out that pattern…

  6. Great idea. I’d never heard of this and am inspired (& by your hair styles too – how did you do the last with the orange dress?)

    I’m new to your blog and am enjoying all the back reading.

  7. Gorgeous outfits! You must be having lovely weather to be able to wear all these great dresses! I’m with you– the Flickr group is totally overwhelming! I can’t keep up in the slightest with the volume of photos!

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