Swap shirt and MMM pledge!

This is a knit shirt I made awhile back, with fabric gifted to me by the lovely Heather B (thank you, Heather!) from the Stashbusting Challenge swap! It’s a hemp/cotton blend, somewhere between t-shirt weight and sweatshirt weight and not too stretchy. I love it. It’s unapologetically bright. Also goes well with one of my many 2451 skirts.


I was inspired by Andrea’s take on McCall’s 6288, where she transformed a fitted raglan knit top pattern into something more pullover-ish. I happen to own the same pattern, and added an inch to the side seams and the bottoms of the raglan sleeve seams as well as lowered the arm scye. I used the Renfrew techniques for the waistband, arm bands and neck binding. There’s a bit of waviness in the waistband. I’d like to try adding some paper between the fabric next time to see if I can’t get some of the waviness out.


Waviness or no, expect to see this little green shirt during MMM ’13! Because I’m doing it! I’m going to stick with one item per day because, as I’ve mentioned before, I love purging unsuccessful projects. Repeats are ok in my book, but I’ll try to keep it interesting!

One of the unexpected things I loved about MMM last year was that it usually got me up a couple of hours earlier during the work week. On bad days, I won’t get up until 8:45am (I get to work at 9:30). So! My extra challenge to myself on every weekday (except for Wednesday – Tuesday is my night class) is to get up around 7am, get dressed, document, and do something – draw, read, walk to work or just enjoy a cup of tea. I’ll share what I wore and what I did in a weekly recap. Wish me luck!

Has Me-Made-May or another sewing challenge impact your schedule or lifestyle?


19 thoughts on “Swap shirt and MMM pledge!

  1. That green is so lovely. I’m so glad you are doing MMMay again! Last year I was so excited to see what people were wearing that it increased my lurking on blogs and research on new patterns… so hopefully I can keep that a bit under control this year!

  2. Love that color! I’m hoping during MMM I can get myself to pick out my outfit the night before, something I know would help my morning routine in general, but something I just cannot seem to get myself to do!

  3. Oh, what a cute top, and such a lovely colour! Good for you for giving MMM a go again, and for allowing yourself an extra 2 hours every morning. I can honestly say I would never sacrifice sleep over outfit planning. I’m lazy like that 🙂

  4. Hello! Its a lovely colour on you. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve put you down as one of my favourite blogs for the Liebster Award. If you want to see what its all about there are some questions on my blog. If you’ve already done it before or you’re not interested thats absolutely fine! Good luck with MMM! Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for all the nice things you said about my blog! That’s so kind of you. I will try and work something up soon!

  5. I just love that emerald green colour – so vibrant and spring-like! The last few years of MMM I’ve been a real lurker so I’m hoping to take part in it this year.

  6. That is a perfect color! I really love it! And it´s a great idea to make your pattern more sweatshirt- like. Love it! 🙂 (And hurrah for MMM!)

  7. Ah this top is too nice! That colour is killer and it looks fantastic with that skirt. That’s so ace that you’ve found MMM inspired you into some new practises that sound quite reflective and beneficial. Who knew?! I really like having a month of the year photographically documented where I can see what kind of thing I was into and be reminded what my life was like during that period. xx

    1. Thanks for the nice compliment, and thank you for organizing these challenges, Zoe! I hadn’t thought about it this time around, that the photographs from these self-stitched events are a nice time capsule of both life and sewing.

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