Natural blocking

I finished this tunic a few weeks ago and I’m pretty smitten with it! My sis took these photos of me.

I used two pieces of linen from my stash (yes, another stashbusting project!), and I like the gentle contrast between them. The tan linen was going to be my couch slipcover, before I gave up that idea. Now I’ve got lots of it and big plans to dye it to suit my projects. Perhaps a pleated skirt in a denim-ish blue? A yellow Minoru?

Speaking of dyeing, my initial plan for this project was to use its simple lines to showcase some shibori. I cut my pieces out first so I could control the placement of the pattern better. All of the agitation during the dyeing process made the fabric unravel and I was left with no seam allowance. Also, the pieces themselves were beautiful but they would have been a little much all together. (As my sister says, it was a lot of look.) I will be using the shibori fabric for something else; luckily I had more linen in the stash!

The pattern is Vogue 8816, which I bought in hopes of making some basic tops. I traced my normal size on top but widened the hips a bit. I’ve noticed Vogue patterns run smaller through the hips.

The pattern was totally fine with the exception of one construction method that had me scratching my head. For View A, you’re supposed to clip into the seam allowance of the upper front piece where the facing folds onto it and then wrap it around the shoulder sesam in some weird way. I’m not doing a great job describing it because I’ve since discarded the confusing information, but I think the idea is to ensure that the seam allowance at the shoulder seams lies towards the back instead of the front. I won’t be doing that next time. I’m also not 100% sure that the upper front pattern piece needs to be cut on the bias for such a minimally draped neck. Perhaps my fabric made a difference as well, being an exceptionally stiff linen.

Even though my glasses kind of ruin the effect, there’s something about this tunic that makes me think “cool nun” or “austere priestess” in a really good way. Maybe it’s the neutral colors or the nubby linen. I read The Mists of Avalon last year and I’ve been pining for that world ever since. I totally think this could be anachronistic Avalon priestess garb.

Let’s end on an undignified, un-priestess-like blooper shot, shall we?


21 thoughts on “Natural blocking

  1. This looks so lovely. Yay to stashbusting and the linen works well for this pattern and I particularly like the shape.
    (your new glasses look great too!)

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