Silkscreenin’, Stashbustin’ and Prancin’

I’d done screenprinting in both high school and college for class but got around to making my own crude printing setup a few years after graduating college. I printed my designs and illustrations on thrifted shirts and textiles and even set up a little etsy shop to sell them. I forgot to mention this in my Wayback Machine series, but silkscreening was a major factor in my decision to get a sewing machine. I needed to hem my printed scarves and I thought a machine would open up a lot more possibilities for what I could create.

I still have a bit of printed fabric left over from those days. Yesterday was my good friend’s birthday and I wanted to make her something special! I remember she loved a particular graphic eye print of mine and that I had a bit squirreled away. Since she’s a designer/artist and a traveler, I made her a pouch similar to mine but a bit larger as the graphic is about 10″ wide.

As I’m prone to do, I’ve saved every last scrap from my silver dress and used some here for the contrast. I added a silver “fashion zipper” (what does that even mean?) from Joann’s that I actually had to smooth down with sandpaper myself because it was machined so poorly. I would have gotten another zipper but it was the only silver sparkly one!

Rough zippers aside, I’m pleased with how this turned out! It looks great and used more scraps than I had originally thought because I used some unappealing-colored stashed lawn instead of using interfacing to add more structure to the pouch. This project also reminded me of how awesome it is to print one’s own fabric.

Just for funsies, here are a couple of photos that my sis took (of course) for my etsy shop.
My illustrations screen printed on thrifted shirts; photo by my sis

This last photo has nothing to do with printing; Kirsty requested a pic of me in my Failure/Mullet skirt, which topped the list of my  Top 5 Misses of 2012 post. I’m not sure if she remembers, but the idea made me chuckle and I’ve been meaning to post one for awhile. It all came together when I used the same fabric to test out my silver dress bodice and found myself prancing around in a shabby little red outfit. Kirsty, this one’s for you!
Ooh la la…

How’s your stashbusting going? I’ve got a lot of projects in the works that involve stashed fabric but I’m having a hard time focusing on which ones I want to make!


22 thoughts on “Silkscreenin’, Stashbustin’ and Prancin’

  1. Ha ha ha, I do remember! I think you are being a bit harsh.. it doesn’t look bad at all. Maybe when summer comes around you’ll think differently of it. Your pouch is so fab. I love your print (both this one and the ones on the tees) and the teaming with the silver fabric is perfect. Your friend is so lucky and you are very talented. Etsy shop? what etsy shop!!??

    1. Haha!! I think the skirt photographed a bit too well for itself! And thank you for your comments on the pouch! My etsy shop isn’t in existence anymore but maybe someday I’ll revive it!

  2. The silver and the eye print really work well together in that bag; it’s very cool!

    (And you’re not alone in having problems focusing on which stashbusting project to make. 😉

  3. That print is so cool. What a special gift for your friend, and way to stashbust! Like you, I’m finding it difficult to prioritize what to make from the stash. Should I crank some last winter makes? Should I move on to spring? Decisions, decisions!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I know, winter vs. spring sewing is a good question. Cold and rain in Seattle can linger into May so it’s tough to know when to start sewing for spring.

  4. Your screen print designs are all so dreamy. I’m still obsessed with my eye print pillow and everything I have in the oyster shell one! (Two shirts, one handbag, NBD.)

  5. Love your screen printed designs on the pouch and the tees!
    I’m having the same trouble focusing on what to sew next instead of getting distracted by all the stash.

  6. I just read through all your archives (not in a creepy-stalkery way–promise!). Love your style and your emphasis on sustainability! Found you through the Stashbusting group.

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