Would-be NYE dress


I finished my New Year’s Eve dress sometime in January and am excited to share it with you now! My sis and I got together this weekend and had a little photo shoot. I could have sworn that I blogged about how I worked on it nearly all NYE day, only to put it aside around 6pm to enjoy dinner with Nathan (a decision I still stand by!), but the post doesn’t seem to exist.. Even though my Wedding Guest Dress turned out well sewn on an extremely tight deadline, that’s no guarantee that this one would have. And, I’m starting to realize that sewing for 6 hours is a recipe for sore hands and careless construction.

And we deserve better, don’t we?


The pattern is the widely-reviewed Burda Cap Sleeve dress. I went through three rounds of muslins on this project, which included a small-bust adjustment and re-positioning of the darts. This pattern also inspired me to become a Tracer rather than a Cutter, which made adjusting it that much easier. I think the front looks fantastic, but the back (which I adjusted less) still looks a bit funny to me. Don’t get me wrong, this dress will be worn any time the occasion calls for a metallic dress, but I may need to revisit the back pattern if I make it again. I may be the proud owner of both a broad back and a sway back.


The fabric is a metallic glazed linen from Mood Fabrics, my first purchase from them. I washed it very gently in cold water and it didn’t seem to lose too much shine. It’s beautiful stuff, although I’m not sure it’s exactly right for a fitted dress since it’s both wrinkle-prone and difficult to iron. For my own peace of mind, I’m considering the wrinkles a design feature.

There was even a little treat for Orson from Mood; like many others of his kind, he enjoys a good crinkly bag.


The suggested skirt length was nearly perfect pre-hemmed, so I took another gander at a hem facing with a blind hem to adhere it to the skirt. I used the fabric I also used to line the bodice, which was a lovely grey cotton. I really like hem facings as a way to make a rich hem without sacrificing length.


The dress made its debut at a modern dance performance, which was just as special as New Year’s Eve.

I think I’m set for party dresses for now. Thanks to some of the realizations brought on by Gillian‘s Top 5 lists, I’m turning my attention to tops, tunics, jackets (!) and pants (!) this year. Has your sewing focus changed noticeably in 2013 so far?


30 thoughts on “Would-be NYE dress

  1. I LOVE this! It’s so, so cool! The glazed linen makes for a really unique dress. I’m thinking I may need to revisit this pattern– when I muslined it, I was so far from a correct fit that I threw in the towel. But it’s such a great silhouette.

    1. Thank you! I think I kept at it because the initial fit seemed good although I had to go through a few revisions and still have some more on the back bodice. But I love the look of it, I agree that it’s a great silhouette!

  2. i really love the silhouette of that pattern but due to some of the crazy fit issues i’ll pry just draft my own someday from a bodice that already fits. that said, yours is gorgeous! love the metallic fabric.

  3. I love the material. How fantastic to have metaillic linen and yes the creases are definitely a design feature! You look gorgeous in it. I agree that despite the overwhelming desire to keep sewing and sewing until something is finished it always ends up better to not.Well done on having the strength to put it away on NYE and spend it with Nathan.
    PS. love that nail polish.

      1. You know, I think it photographed really well. I was noticing some dramatic wrinkles in the lower-back area but can’t really see them here!

  4. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I absolutely LOVE your dress! I think it might be that you’ve paired such a simple silhouette with that gorgeous fabric! Whatever it is, it suits you to a T and you look amazing!

    1. Thank you, Crystal! I’m considering trying others in a printed fabric or maybe a looser version. I’d love what you come up with if you try this pattern out.

  5. Gorgeous dress! Think I will have to get my hands on that pattern! Tracing is one of those things I know that I should do to make fitting easier but you’ve inspired me to give it a go for my next dress.

  6. Ooooh, that’s lovely! I’m a huge sucker for metallic linen 🙂 I’ve missed your last several posts because I forgot to resubscribe to your new address, so I’m catching up now!

    1. Hi Gail! Thanks for making the leap and checking out my new location! I didn’t even know about metallic linen until recently but I’m psyched to have found out about it!

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