A refashion and a pledge!

It’s amazing what a little waistband can do for a shirt, isn’t it? I found a sweet woven lace shirt at the thrift store a few months ago. It was really inexpensive and I liked the lace itself. I could never bring myself to wear it on account of its shape (or lack of shape), however.


Enter a waistband (from le stash, of course)! I cut off the bottom few inches of the shirt and added a folded-over waistband of a black wool blend knit. I made sure not to repeat the mistake I made with this dress, where I strained the waistband because of how big the difference between the two circumferences were. I did a zig-zag stitch to sew the waistband in, then finished it using my overlock foot.


This was a tremendously simple project – less than an hour’s worth of measuring, fussing and sewing – but I’ve worn it a lot already. I’m fascinated by lace but don’t have a particularly girly style, so the athletic-inspired waistband is a nice tonic.

I made this in January, intending for it to be part of the Stashbusting Sewalong but couldn’t get it photographed in time. I still feel the need to say that my refashion bag and fabric stash have ever-so-slightly reduced in size.

Speaking of challenges, I decided earlier this year to join the Seamless Pledge (inspired by Gillian) but haven’t yet blogged about it! So let’s make it official:The Seamless Pledge

I, Morgan of Crab&Bee, am taking the Seamless Pledge for 2013.

While I mostly abstained from new clothing purchases last year, I did buy a few things. I’ll also admit to considering squeaking in a purchase before signing up, because my winter coats are failing me right now and I’m scared to sew one… but I decided to buck up and face the possibility of making my own. Also, Ginger’s Anise!! I’m so inspired by her wonderful project.

Finally, I’ve thoughtfully included the photo below because I thought you should see my paper-doll arms and quizzical expression. There’s nothing funnier than failed posed photos, don’t you think? There are lots more where this came from!

Blooper reel!

15 thoughts on “A refashion and a pledge!

  1. This refashion is brilliant! (note to self: keep this in mind for future projects). I signed up for the Seamless Pledge last year and it went so well that I didn’t feel the need to re-pledge for this year because making my own clothes and staying away from RTW have become part of how I operate now. Good luck with your pledge!

    1. That’s great to hear! I’m almost there myself and figured I might as well go all the way. And thank you for the compliment, it was a really easy gratifying refashion!

  2. Great refashion! It looks great on you and I can see why you’ve got a lot of wear out of it. How amazing was that Anise!? Well done on taking the pledge. I am still sitting on the sidelines as I need a new pair of jeans – and I know that I do not want to make them 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kirsty! And I know what you mean about jeans. I’ve had some luck finding jeans at thrift stores, maybe that’s one way to find a good pair without making them?

  3. Your new shirt is really cute! BTW, are you on Twitter? We’re going to have some Seamless Pledge twitter action at some point in the next while. I’m glad you are in on the pledge – The more the merrier!

  4. Ooooooh, I LOVE the addition of the waistband! I would totally wear that top (but probably not the original)!

    I’m excited to see how your Seamless Pledge goes! And thanks for the shout-out– you’re too sweet!

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