Renfrew II (finally)

At long last, I’ve managed to get pictures of my second Renfrew! We took a trip to Portland this weekend (more on that later), and the sun came out. I made this one right after the first Renfrew but had some struggles with the winter light in the northwest.

The fabric is a heathered wool knit that I bought in 2011. I managed to eke it out of a failed make (Day 3 from MMM ’12) and remnants. Let’s just say I couldn’t have made the cowl version!

I also got some new glasses because the astigmatism in my left eye worsened. (Okay, that’s technically true, but I also really really wanted new glasses.)

The neckline looks tidy. It came together more easily than the bias-binding I’d tried on other knit shirts.

Since making the purple version, I had altered the pattern a bit. I dropped the arm scye and broadened the shoulders a bit. It looks like I didn’t broaden them enough, however. The shirt looks fine until I raise my arms. Then, the shoulder seams retreat towards my neck. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear this shirt constantly. But the next time around, I’ll fix it. Being a high school and college swimmer has changed me for good, I suspect. No matter how little I exercise, my shoulders remain “athletic”.

Since the fabric is itchy, I lined the shirt with an old t-shirt of Nathan’s and some zebra remnants. Behold, this tame grey shirt has a rather wild interior!

Here it is, wistfully looking out the window. I just might have to wear it reversed sometime….


18 thoughts on “Renfrew II (finally)

  1. This looks like a real wardrobe essential – it looks so cosy! Did you just double layer it then sew or was it more complicated than that?! I’ve got a voucher for a local sewing shop and I’m hoping they stock the renfrew!

    1. Just double-layered it! It wasn’t hard, although I had a moment of worry that I was making the thickest shirt ever. Hope you can find the pattern! Buying from Sewaholic directly looks like an option just in case (that’s what I did).

  2. I was going to ask the same question re double layering. I love the inside. So so cool. I love your new glasses as well. I’ve got to get a new pair too and really love this style.

  3. Nice work! I just finished two Renfews and am totally commiserating with you about grey PNW skies and lack of photo light! I was thinking about making a sweatshirt version & I think your double layering business has convinced me… looks waaaay cozy.

  4. That’s amazing! I’ve never thought of lining jersey. I bet it’s extra cosy too because of it. Your new glasses look fab, BTW x

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