Commence stashbusting: January project

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I got so excited about working through my fabric scraps that I already finished a project. Using scraps from my Anna K skirt, my Grey Days dress, a blue-grey stretch denim seen here and here, and a salvaged zipper, I made a pencil case.

I’ve already started using it and it’s just right for my drawing supplies!


I still have some more tiny scraps of the Ty Pennington fabric left. Don’t be surprised if they make an appearance in another project! There’s a part of me that wants to make 100 of these little pouches, but that could get unwieldy. They do become less useful and turn into clutter as their numbers grow.

Do you have a standard of how large of a scrap you’ll keep? I know some people are very strict about the size of scrap they’ll keep. I tend to be a little freer with tossing out scraps from the poly-cotton blend sheets that I thrifted before becoming a bit more discerning. I’ll also throw scraps into the yard waste/compost that I know are 100% natural fibers. It’s the beautiful graphic prints that sucker me into keeping their absurdly small scraps!


12 thoughts on “Commence stashbusting: January project

  1. At the moment, I am keeping all size scraps bigger than a nickel in width. Inspired by your plush kitty you made, I’ve used a number of fabric scraps as stuffing for crochet plushies. I also have this wild dream (we will see if it ever happens) of creating a Christmas Tree skirt decorated with a story scene made from all of my scraps.

    This of course leads to multiple bags of disorganized scraps in my closet. Maybe I should start on the tree skirt now.

    1. Very cool! And a Christmas tree skirt sounds awesome, I think you should go for it! I keep on wanting to make a quilt out of my scraps (another “we’ll see if it ever happens” kind of project).

  2. This looks great and so neat! I have the same problem what size scraps I should keep. For nice fabric I’ll keep everything, but sometimes I’m not so diligent and I’ve started disposing of the scrappier bits for my own sanity.

    1. Thank you so much! I know what you mean about maintaining your sanity. There was a moment last year where my scraps had grown so numerous that my tiny fabric closet was packed solid. I gritted my teeth and got rid of a garbage bag full of tiny scraps. Most of them were from natural fibers and could go in the compost, which was some consolation!

  3. Brilliant! I really like your choice of colours for the pencil case. I have banned myself from buying any more fabirc for three months in the hope that I will make a dent in my massive fabric stash, and particularly my scrap fabric stash! Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. VERY cute pencil case! These would make lovely birthday prezzies if you find yourself stuck on what to get someone, could be good makeup cases too of course. Really nice use of that patterned fabric x

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