Top 5 Goals for 2013

Nathan and me and The Dress

Happy New Year! Nathan and I spent NYE celebrating at our good friends’ house party with an amazing view of the Seattle fireworks. I’m happy to report that the Wedding Guest Dress winterized quite nicely, like many of you said it would! I was feeling brave and wore it with sweater tights and boots. I was warm enough to walk a mile to our place since the buses were advancing at 1 block/10 minutes! Today we woke up early and headed to my parents’ place for my favorite holiday event, a traditional Japanese feast with my extended family and good friends. If yesterday and today hadn’t been so satisfying and fun, I’d be feeling more tragic about the prospect of returning to work tomorrow.

All right, let’s talk goals for 2013.

I have a funny relationship with goals; I start failing as soon as I put them in writing. My goal could be to continue a good habit that I’ve already cultivated and as soon as I write it down, I’ll stop cold. I’ve gotten a little better in a past couple of years, probably because I’m learning to set more realistic goals. With that rather large caveat, there are some things I’m interested in exploring this year!

  1. Making a sloper
  2. Textile experiments: learning more about applique and embroidery as well as putting my knowledge of shibori and maybe silk screening into practice
  3. Designing and printing my own fabric for a project
  4. Using up my fabric scraps in fun ways (suggestions appreciated!)
  5. Taking better photos (I’m enlisting my sis for help on this one)
(I’m also knocking around ideas for fun sewing projects, like a sailor dress, a kimono jacket and some others, but didn’t want to put those down as goals since one of the things I enjoy about sewing is making what I want when I want, dammit!)
So that brings is to the end of 2012 Top 5 lists! I enjoyed this activity immensely, thanks again to Gillian for the wonderful idea!
So long, 2012

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