The Wayback Machine, Pt. 2

Before Crab&Bee, which was born in February of 2011, I blogged here. It was a quiet little blog, but I was writing there when I started getting serious about making my own clothes. I’m sharing my pre-Crab&Bee creations in a few posts, as well as a bit of my sewing history.

Here are a couple more creations from my pre-Crab&Bee days! The first is one of my more-successful Cynthia Rowley Simplicity tanks, done in black and grey ikat found at the thrift store. I added the waistband elastic in hopes of making it more fitted. It looks pretty cute in these photos, and better than its predecessors, but I could just never bring myself to reach for it. I think I sold it at Buffalo Exchange. (Even though $5-$10 can’t begin to compensate the amount of time I put into making clothes, it’s always flattering when a picky thrift store buys something I’ve made! And exciting that the garment will probably be purchased and worn.)

Fall 2010 {Simplicity 2593}

The photos were taken by Nathan in Plain, WA near Leavenworth.

Fall 2010 {Simplicity 2593}

This project was based on a romper pattern (McCall’s 6083) that I made into a dress. I’d done a first pass at this pattern with a very scratchy polyester sheet and didn’t finish my seams. It was cool-looking but got worn once because of comfort issues and probably my sense of shame at my rapidly-dissolving seams. Needless to say, the seams are finished on this one! I used more thrifted fabric, probably a poly-cotton blend. Alas, this project was also sold or donated because the fabric was too sheer (I hate slips) and the elastic waistband was slightly too tight.

Fall 2010 {McCall’s 6083}

It’s crazy to think about how many of the things I’ve sewn aren’t in my closet any more! I think that’s starting to change – a lot of my projects from the past two years, especially in the past year, are still in heavy rotation. The big changes between then and now are that I think about how a garment works with what I already have and I’ve learned from my sewing mistakes (see below). Also, I was on a thrifted fabric hot streak in Fall 2010! Time to revisit the Goodwill!

What I learned from these two projects: Elastic waistbands do not need to be tight, Cynthia Rowley Simplicity tanks are not flattering on me, and sheer fabric needs a lining of some sort.

Happy impending Thanksgiving, American readers!


7 thoughts on “The Wayback Machine, Pt. 2

  1. Thanks again for more archives. I do like the cynthia rowley top on you and I can see why it was snapped up when you decided you didn't want it.

  2. I have gotten rid of a lot of my past projects, too. But like you, the newer things I've made seem to stay longer. I think I'm getting better at making things fit right and that seems to make all the difference. Love that first top!

  3. Ahh, both this garments look incredible! It's funny how there are things that prevent you wearing things that aren't visible to outsiders. I don't think I own anything from my first year or so of sewing for myself! That's crazy isn't it?! xx

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