Miss Navy Kelly Blue


I finished this project in September, my first attempt at the Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt. Here’s what I like about it: the pattern is pretty festive for how simple it is, the directions were super clear, and the pockets quite commodious. When I’ve worn the skirt, I generally get a compliment about my outfit. Overall, it’s a great basic item that looks lovely with my more colorful shirts.


Un-true to form, I didn’t make a muslin (although my fabric, a stiff Kona cotton, could probably be considered muslin territory). The pattern looked pretty forgiving, with only the waist being fitted. This approach was mostly justified, although I did have to make some modifications because I initially made one size larger than the pattern recommended. I was hoping jumping up a size would allow the waistband to hit below my natural waist. This didn’t work out as planned, since the waistband is a single rectangle and caused a lot of gaping where my waist tapered in. I trimmed off the excess in both the waistband and side seems to make my normal size after all.

My other mistake (and one I can’t fix) was my fabric choice. I think this skirt would really do best in a thicker fabric than I used, one that doesn’t wrinkle up so enthusiastically. I’ve already got a thrifted and shoddily-sewn wool plaid maxi earmarked for a Kelly makeover, so I’m game to try!


The other change I’d like to try is something else with the back. Maybe inverting the pleats or tucks (I can never remember which is which!) I also spaced these closer to each other than the pattern recommended, after an exchange with Nathan. “Does the back of this skirt give me shelf-butt?” I asked. He hesitated and said “I don’t know what that is…” (pause) “… but the answer might be yes.”

Finally, I may break the waistband up into three pieces instead of one. Though the gaping at the waist is much-improved since I made the right size, I think I’d still prefer something more graduated like my beloved Simplicity 2451s.

Anyhoodles, happy almost-Friday to you all! I’m getting close to finishing my Minoru and can’t wait to show you all soon. (I can’t believe I set it aside for so many months!) And Kirsty, Ginger and Gillian, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comments about your sewing philosophies. It’s awesome to meet such thoughtful creators!


12 thoughts on “Miss Navy Kelly Blue

  1. It looks so cute! I've been eyeing the pattern for a while… It looks like a really comfy and practical skirt. The back of the pattern always kinda comes as a surprise to me when I see it htough – Like you, I think there must be a more, uh, elegant and flattering way to arrange the fullness! It looks good on you, but I would DEFINITELY have shelf-butt! :p (Thanks, genetics!) Oh, and thanks for the shout out – i always look forward to seeing your new projects! 🙂

  2. Aw, thank you! I didn't mention it in my post, but I do wonder if gathering might look good. I know it wouldn't be totally consistent with the pleats in the front, but it would certainly be flattering!

  3. This is so cute! I love this style on you! Like everyone else, I love the buttons! What about splitting the pleats in half or so and having smaller ones?

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