Rust-colored cowl

This is the time of year when taking good pictures becomes tough in the Pacific Northwest. Daylight hours dwindle to the point of leaving for and returning home from work in the dark. We’re still in the downward spiral towards those dark days, however, so Nathan was able to snap a few photos of me this morning in my newly finished orange cowl.

I’d mentioned in my last post that I’d inherited this wonderfully thick wool yarn from a friend of a friend who was moving out of town. I wasn’t really sure what else to do with it; there was only one skein, not enough for a scarf, and my knitting skills are best suited to rectangles. Cowl it was (which is a rectangle that meets on two ends!)

My favorite thing about the cowl is the seed stitch. I had no idea how easy it was to do, and I’d been admiring that seed-stitched knits all over Pinterest. That, and I loved the chunkiness of the yarn. It knit up super quickly, what’s not to love about a chunky cowl?

My school program has been taking up most of my time, which is why it’s been a little quiet around Crab & Bee lately. In the last week or so, however, I’ve been trying to achieve a balance of studying and making things. The way I really like to make things is put my sewing blinders on and let the day disappear, but this is not feasible while I’m in school. Nathan, bless him, suggested taking timed crafting breaks. I reacted poorly to the suggestion at first because I didn’t want to think about cutting back on sewing. Still, I gave it a try last week and liked the results. I’m still adjusting, but I’m feeling less tragic about sewing less. Who knows, maybe I’ll sew more effectively with time constraints?

Anyhow, these beauties are the result of last Sunday’s sewing breaks. I’d bought the fabric (Marimekko canvas) a month ago intending to replace the sad cushion covers I’d bought off, and hadn’t gotten around to making them. Since I was looking for gratification, the time was right.

Our cat was a skittish around the bold graphics (does anyone else’s cat get freaked out by intense patterns?), but he’s come around to them.

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Rust-colored cowl

  1. What a cute cowl! I like the pillows, too! I've never heard of cats being scared of bright prints– that's really funny! Hope you're able to carve out enough time for your own projects. It's so frustrating to feel like you don't have enough time to do what you want to do– I'm in the same boat these days.

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