My week in pictures

Greetings! It’s been a busy September; we took a long vacation to visit my aunt and uncle in British Columbia, a huge project at work launched, and I started fall quarter classes. (Although if I’m honest, what’s really kept me busy is reading The Mists of Avalon! I can’t put it down!)

I took this picture of Nathan from a hammock in our friends’ yard. Every year, aforementioned friends put on a chili cookoff. Even though I only sampled the three vegetarian options, I still needed a nap.

September has brought some cooler weather, although I’m starting to feel that I’m living in California with the chain of 70-degree days we’ve had. Still, I managed to catch the Space Needle on a misty day walking to work. Ain’t she pretty?

I’ve inherited a bunch of yarn from a friend of a friend who moved away. I’m making a cowl out of an especially thick woolish yarn. I’m an extreme novice at knitting, so I was amped to discover that the stitch I’ve been admiring (named the seed stitch) is apparently quite easy.

As per usual, I’ve got about 4 projects in the works and 10 more floating around in my head! Fall is a good time for that, though. Happy Friday!


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