Baby girl dress

I love my nephew. He’s an adorable baby genius. There’s something really satisfying about sewing a miniature dress, however. And since mainstream society no longer deems it acceptable to dress male children in them (as it once did), I was so excited to make one for my cousin’s baby girl!

I used a thrifted chambray pillow case that I’d been saving for something special for the main part of the dress, and the Amy Butler printed cotton from my flower girl dress.


I used “Sophia”, a Burdastyle downloadable PDF pattern. According to Burdastyle, the dress is actually a top. Since my cousin’s girl is smaller than the smallest size, I’m thinking it might be a good dress and then become a top as she grows. (The pattern also comes with a pair of pantaloons that I omitted.)

Time will tell if the pattern fits well – it looks like it will – but there are a few, ahem, quirks worth mentioning. One, the instructions are extremely minimal. If you’re not a beginning sewer, I think you’d be fine with “Sophia” but they do leave finishing the neck up to you. Two, they say to cut two of the main pattern piece on the fold when all you need is one.


My dress differs from the pattern in a couple of ways. Instead of using the one main pattern piece that Burda provides, I cut it in half so there was a front and back piece (you can see the seam on the shoulders where my pieces met). I also overlocked the side seams, which added some width to the dress. Finally, instead of using a loop and a button for the back closure, I used bias binding to both finish the neck and make a tie.


The buttons weren’t part of the pattern either, but I couldn’t resist adding them (they matched the sleeve fabric so perfectly). I saved them from one of the shirts I used for the two-tee refashion project.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray into children’s clothing (at least, I think it is). It was really fun to use some of the pretty yet small pieces of fabric I’ve been saving for the right occasion.


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