A little t-shirt refashion

I’d accumulated two beautifully bright but misshapen t-shirts sometime in the last year and a half, and had been hoarding them because I couldn’t bear to part with their bold colors.


Well! Yesterday, I finally executed the refashion. I’d been hoping to use the top 1/3 of the blue with as much of the pink minus the sleeves as possible, which ended up being a good strategy. I finished up by using the rest of the blue by folding it in half and making a bottom band.


I’m going to wear this all the time! I love it. It’s cheerful and kind of sporty. It also fills a much-needed gap in my wardrobe: short-sleeved (but not sleeveless) shirts that look good with jeans and can be worn to the office. I don’t think I’ll get to the point where I’m buying used t-shirts specifically to refashion them, but I feel emboldened to tackle more of my cast-off pile!


21 thoughts on “A little t-shirt refashion

  1. Love your shirt – and you've already inspired me to do my own colour blocked shirt! Except mine turn out way too long… so now I'm trying to shrink it in the wash! 😛 Still, it was FUN to sew!

  2. This is super-ace!!!! I wouldn't have thought of this, but it's a totally simple but genius idea. Looking forward to seeing more of your refashioned cast-offs, especially if they are half as cool as this onexxx

  3. Amusing when I am looking for ideas to help fix a fave t-shirt with pit stains, and I stumble upon a friend and blogger I already follow in the Google Image search.

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