A good year

Just got back from a wonderful trip to California! Part of the reason for the trip was to celebrate Nathan’s and my first wedding anniversary. We stayed in Carmel on our actual anniversary and relived our wedding by looking through our photos. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites on the blog!


All these photos except for the last one were taken by my sister. I still can’t believe that my sister managed to be both a bridesmaid and taking our wedding portraits, and did both well! She was in hot rollers while we did the shoot.


We got married at the Tacoma Art Museum, which is south of Seattle (for those not familiar with the Pacific Northwest).


Our anniversary was a really good reminder to take stock in the year that passed since our wedding. Being a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, I retreated from society for a good three months after the wedding. The wedding was truly amazing – it was so much fun, the energy was great, and (almost) all of my favorite people were in one place – but the planning process was intense and I needed time to both savor and process the experience!


Even when I did re-emerge from my post-wedding hibernation, much of the past year was about small things. We took local trips, got a joint bank account and p-patch, and other things of that nature. I did a lot of sewing and got into good sleeping/eating habits. I’m excited to see how the next year of our marriage shapes up to be. I foresee adventure!

Back soon with pictures from our trip and my last-minute dress! I’d planned on having Nathan take some pictures of me wearing it at the wedding, but let’s just say I enjoyed myself a little too heartily and forgot all about sewing project documentation.


6 thoughts on “A good year

  1. Such a stunning dress, and really beautiful photographs too. Your sister is a very talented photographer :)Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. Aww, so lovely! Your sister is an awesome photographer. Thanks for sharing the pics and reminding us to take stock now and then. I had my hen party this weekend and got pretty sad when it was over. You've reminded me that I can still get lots of enjoyment from the occassion through looking at the pictures after xx

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