And, the blue one!

This week has been all about relaxing after the craziness of my 36-hour trip to Bend mid-work-week. I haven’t even done any sewing besides a couple of muslin produce bags. Luckily, I have a backlog of projects to share!

This is the first bustier top I made using McCall’s 6325, the predecessor to the delightful red version. It was also seen during the week in Me-Made-May when I unintentionally wore blue every day.


The fabric is leftover grey-blue stretch denim from a jacket my friend made me. It’s pretty stiff, which is good and bad in a shirt like this. It allows the shirt to be fitted without showing any lumps and it barely wrinkles, but it also doesn’t have a lot of movement to it.

Looking a little vampiric here, don’t you think? One of the stylists on the Bend photoshoot told me I was “surprisingly porcelain”, which cracked me up.
Here’s a closer view of the green buttons, which I love! I was thinking of going with white or blue-grey buttons, but these sweet coke-bottle colored ones jumped out at me.

The lining I used is a Japanese cotton that I just can’t seem to use up, probably from my parents’ church sale. I got it maybe 10 years ago, and had cut it up into smallish pieces for a project (preventing me from making a larger project out of it). I’ll probably never be rid of it, but I think this was a pretty good use of it. I overlocked the raw edges of the lower bodice pieces because the fabric was so thick. What would I do without my overlock foot?

Anyway, that’s the blue one!

Nathan and I are taking off soon for a trip to California (CANNOT WAIT. We’re going to my college roomie’s wedding, and it remains to be seen whether or not I try and hurriedly make myself a dress for the occasion… talk me out of it, people!


10 thoughts on “And, the blue one!

  1. This style suits you so well and I love how you've paired it with those super jeans. How much time do you have for a dress….??

  2. Your sewing creations are so neat! You could wear it inside out with the level of care you must have taken with this lovely creation xx

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