(Last) week in pictures

Last week was such a whirlwind that I didn’t have a chance to peek through my photos! I think the fact that there are photos of goats and sheep (wikipedia tells me that they are both “even-toed ungulates”) makes up for the tardiness!

This gal’s name is Mindy, and she’s the sweetest creature you’ve ever met. (We met her at our friends’ wedding reception on the brides’ family farm.) Loves: grape leaves and getting her nose scratched.

This cool piece of art was on my walk home through the Seattle Center. It’s a paper lantern suspended from a walkway.

Our garden has truly exploded; here I am trying to keep up with the amount of lettuce we’re getting. You can see the cool Airstream toolshed in the background!

Photo by Nathan

And finally, here’s a shot from my semi-secret mission/sheep! (I went out on a bike photoshoot with my old company.) While we were shooting, a herd of sheep being expertly rounded up by some kind of collie trundled into the frame. Here’s my friend Adam riding amongst the herd.

Happy Monday!


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