My week in photos

I’m completely blurry-eyed and discombobulated, having worked a 7pm – 4am shift the night before. At  least the sun didn’t come up before I left work! Anyhow. It was a good week, and here are some pictures from it.

Here’s Nathan on our walk home from work/happy hour through the Sculpture Garden. (And, he’s wearing a shirt I made for him!)

Check out this amazing tooth ice mold!! I love love love it. I bought it at my parents’ church’s gym sale, and it turns out that my mom had donated it. (To give you some context as to why my parents were in possession of a denture ice tray, my dad is a dentist and people seem to gift him tooth-related paraphrenalia.)

The Seattle waterfront has its own high-tech ferris wheel now! We wandered over to check it out but hemmed and hawed for about 10 minutes before deciding to come back another time. One should really be very excited about riding a ferris wheel.

Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “My week in photos

  1. That is hilarious about your mom picking out the dental ice cube tray. Also, I didn't even realize there was a night shift at your work, but I guess it makes sense.

  2. I had to comment on the ice tray. My brother is a dentist and I give him weird tooth related stuff all the time. He probably hates it. Going to search the internet for one of those ice trays!

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