I wore this bustier-style shirt during Me-Made-May but hadn’t documented it properly yet! Since it’s already a few months old, I can say with certainty that it’s one of the most loved of the pieces I’ve made so far. Nathan snapped a few pictures of me on our walk to brunch at the Boat Street Cafe on Saturday.

We found these cool 60’s futuristic buildings that neither of us had noticed before! And wouldn’t you know it, the lone car parked there was a little Miata that just happened to match the color of my shirt.

My friend Elizabeth (who writes a great blog on her adventurous life and sustainable living) handed off this amazingly red cotton fabric that she’d found at the thrift store before moving away to start a WWOOF internship in central California. I’ve used the pattern, McCall’s 6325, twice now (once in grey/blue and in red, seen during Me-Made-May).

It’s a great pattern and I would use it again as-is or adapt it into a dress. Because of the fitted nature of the garment, I highly recommend making a muslin and customizing the fit. As a shirt, I’m particularly fond of the way it is short and a bit flared in the back and gets longer in the front.

The only improvements I’d make on this version would be adding some interfacing or another layer in the straps because my fabric was a bit lightweight. And the bodice wrinkles a bit when I’m sitting for longer periods of time, which I think would be alleviated with slightly more ease. Still, none of these issues prevent me from wearing it about once per week.

In other sewing news, I’m considering beginning to post on Pattern Review. Even though I find the user interface a little difficult to navigate, I definitely use it a lot (especially if none of my favorite sewing blogs have tried out a pattern I’m interested in) and feel like I should start to contribute! Do any of you seamsters use it/love it?


19 thoughts on “Redness

  1. The top looks really lovely and what great photos! I read pattern review sometimes, although find it also a bit hard to navigate. I'd love for you to start contributing.

  2. Love this! Was there a lot of ease or did you just sew? I find McCalls always results in massive garment or massive parts of garments (when I size down to the smallest size). That's why I stopped sewing from them XP This looks awesome though. Great job with the photography as well. I avoid the heck out of PR. The whole thing seems almost designed to cause eye/ mind fatigue. Considering the amount of $s they're making out of user reviews they really should pay a good web designer to fix that thing up. Best of luck XD

  3. love this shirt, love the photos, love everything about it! I completely understand how months can go by and you still haven't blogged about something. I'm glad you finally shared this top with us!

  4. This is so cute, and the photos are awesome! Sidenote: I'm so jealous that your friend is doing a WWOOF! I want to do one so badly, but I'll never be able to convince my husband!I don't use Pattern Review– their interface is so gross and annoying that I hate using is. And I bear a bit of a grudge against them because the one time I bought a pattern from their website, they canceled the order without notifying me, apologizing, or trying to correct the mistake. It just didn't arrive, and when I finally called to check up on it, they were like, "Oh, yeah, your order got canceled." Annoying!

  5. This is one of those patterns I'd have a hard time seeing the potential based on the envelope styling, but yours is so cute I now want to make my own! As for Pattern Review, yeah, it's difficult to navigate but it's been so helpful to see finished garments and read about pattern issues beforehand. And I'll be honest, it's a great way to get blog traffic if you post a link in your reviews. PR seems to have a very active community that's separate from the blogging folk, so it's just another way to find inspiration and learn some stuff.

  6. Thank you! I'll check my notes – I believe the pattern was reasonably sized, but I tend to ignore the sizes and just look at the finished measurements. Excellent point about PR!

  7. I know, isn't that cool she's doing WWOOF? I am living vicariously through her blog now. (That is super annoying about PR and good to know!)

  8. Thanks! Yah, the pattern looked very 80s (not in a good way) on the package but it had the best-looking design lines for a bustier-ish style top I could find. So I took the plunge! And, good to know about PR.

  9. PR's UI is PAINful. The crazy thing though is that I actually still use it on occasion. I can only imagine how far that site could go if it weren't so awful :)Cute shirt!! Love the photos- can't believe you just happened across such a perfect scene!

  10. Yet another pattern you have made that I have cut out and waiting to be sewn. I love the color you chose and teh photos.Regarding PR… I ALWAYS check there to see what info I can find about a pattern. Yeah, it's kind of ugly, but it is soooooo useful in a way that BS just isn't. I wish there was a sewing speciific website that rocked like ravelry, but PR is functionally doing just that. It's not sexy, but all the info is there and the community is established.

  11. Too funny! I'd love to see how yours turns out. Someone's going to make a ton of money when they develop something better than PR… but yah, I can see that most people (begrudglingly or not) use it!PS nice to see you here! I've been admiring your creations on burdastyle for quite some time!

  12. These photos are so cool! I like pattern review. It is really hard to navigate, but it's the first place I go when looking up a pattern. So I figure I'm giving back when I post a review. I'm trying to do it on a more regular basis.

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