My week in pictures

It’s so easy to take pictures in the summer! Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Against all odds, Nathan and I were selected for a p-patch near our apartment! Here’s our first harvest, some gorgeous frisee.


And here’s Nathan watering. (Just outside of the frame is the Space Needle).


Thoroughly cleaning our storage space unearthed treasure in the form of candy and a note from our
friend Kristin. Even though the fun-size candy bars were over a year old, they still tasted amazing.


Bee had a birthday recently. I’d spotted this bee locket on etsy quite awhile ago and realized that it was perfect for my sister/co-blogger!


My baby nephew turns 1 (!!) this weekend and I was able to offer up my considerable scrap pile of fabric for the occasion by making some modified bunting flags.


All in all, a good week, full of vegetables, sewing, and a day off right in the middle of the week. I hope your weeks were highly enjoyable too.


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