Very necessary (pajama shorts)

Friends, I have been sleeping in squalor. Not our bed, but my sleepwear, was truly upsetting. I finally owned up to the fact that these lady-boxers from Old Navy circa 2005 were not going to cut it anymore:

Therefore, I resolved to replace them. I used the misshapen pieces as best I could to draft some pattern pieces. I’ve never tried shorts or pants before but desperation drove me to try. I made a muslin and some minor adjustments. Bless those shredded shorts, not only did they provide me with a new pattern but I was able to salvage their elastic as well for the new shorts.

For fabric, I used salvaged polka dot cotton that I scored at my mom’s church garage sale. With my pale complexion, I tend to stay away from light blue but all bets are off when it comes to jammies. Somber charcoal, no thanks! Precious polka dots, yes please!

Charming, no? No tears or shreds and they’re even better than their predecessor (may they rest in peace). I slept soundly knowing that they wouldn’t disintegrate overnight. And, even if they’re a very small project, it felt good to quickly and easily make something that I actually needed.

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow, those of you who are in the States!


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