Grey days

Voila! Here is my new dress that I mentioned last week.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 2281, which I’ve been loving on for awhile. This is the third time I’ve used it; I’d like to say it’s the final time, but one never knows!

I used much thicker material than the previous two times, a chambray-ish denim for the sleeves and a black twill for the rest. I think my fabric choice was generally good, and the weather here in the pacific northwest hasn’t really warranted anything lighter. The only area that I think a thinner fabric would have been better was at the waistband. You can just see the outline of the trimmed seam in the waistband. Any thoughts on preventing this? I trimmed it and notched it as closely as I dared!

On Friday, this lil dress accompanied me to work and then out for an epic night out with my coworkers that involved whisky, karaoke, and a barefoot run around the baseball diamond at Cal Anderson park. It handled it all like a champ and looked far better than I did the next morning.


9 thoughts on “Grey days

  1. It looks great!!!! The use of the fabric this time makes it look so different from your other one, so I think you could probably make it again!!

  2. When I saw this view on the envelope I thought it had potential (I wasn't a fan of the weird-sleeve view) and this is just delightful! Love the contrasting sleeves.

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