Work in progress

I tried on my nearly-finished dress last night and had a nagging feeling that I needed to take the sides in. Hoping that Nathan would tell me otherwise, I asked his opinion. The wise man replied “I think you already know what needs to be done.”

So, I took the zipper out, un-slip-stitched the waist band and got to work. I also took the opportunity to fix the weird way they’d suggested inserting the zipper. Now I’ve just got to re-do the slip-stitching and hem the dress! I’m going to try and hoodwink Bee into taking some fancy photos of me in it.

Here’s the a sneak peak of the top part; you may recognize the pattern from here and from several Me-Made-May days.

And, here’s a gratuitous cat photo:

Orson likes to sit on my arms when I’m reading or wasting time on my phone.

Happy Friday! I hope your projects are going well and your animal companions are sassy and content.


4 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. This is so cute! I never would have picked up this pattern based on the line drawings and cover photo, but I love all your versions of the dress.

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