Garden Update!

Hello there!  Thought I’d drop in with an update on my little garden.  Well, our little garden because I’m truthfully only responsible for about 25% of the upkeep and maaaaybe 5% of the heavy duty / construction upkeep, if you count supportive cheer-leading.  But I’m the one with a blog so them’s the shakes!
I know this makes me sound like a total newb – and I am – but I still can’t get over the fact that well…it worked!  We have things growing!  And lots of them!  Abundantly!  Several of our tomato plants are vigorous and giant – they recently went to blossom, and they smell amazing.  The dill continues to blow my mind with its enthusiasm (and tastiness – recently festooning baked salmon and garden salads).
We also have actual fruit on our strawberry hanger!  We were gifted one of those bright red tarp-tube hanger things and son of a gun, it really works.  The green onions continue to do boisterously well.  I should say, one side of their planter is doing boisterously well…not sure what’s holding the other half back.  The beets are bushy and inspiring…I’m so antsy to can and pickle those puppies, I’m just beside myself.  
The salad greens in the backyard have done splendidly.  I have to admit that I’m surprised they’ve come this far without much molestation, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say.  Our cucumbers, on the other hand, have been mightily molested, and two rounds of pea plantings immediately rootled up by the birds, so we have employed some strategic chicken wire in that arena.
Can’t wait for the next exciting leg of garden adventures!
Pretty heirloom tomato flowers
scarlet runner beans (I think)


3 thoughts on “Garden Update!

  1. Looking good! Our new apartment has a yard, so I'm really excited to plant a garden next year! You'll have to tell me which veggies end up being your favorites!

  2. Hahaha! You'll be rewarded with dill, which is about the only currently edible produce. (Do you need dill? I have too much.)Gingermakes…I already know that any tomato I grow will be my favorite! I was so nervous that they'd be hard to grow, but they've become GIANT and they smell so good.

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