Nebulous nebulae

Hi friends! I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on sewing lately – perhaps due to my Me-Made-May frenzy and my failed red skirt – and did a project today that was the perfect antidote.

Inspired by the tutorial on Wise Rabbit Says which I found on Outsapop, I transformed one of the least-worn items in my closet into something that will probably get worn weekly, using only a spray bottle with a water/bleach mixture. Without further adieu, I present my nebula shirt!
Photo by Nathan

Pretty cool, huh? I followed the Wise Rabbit Says tutorial pretty much to the letter; I did some preliminary sprays all over, dried it with a hairdryer, and did some twisting and larger drips. The only thing I’ll add is that you don’t need much beach/water mixture. I made up a whole spray bottle of it and had to scramble to use it up on some dingy whites. (Truth be told, I was kind of freaked out about using bleach. The harshest thing I use to clean anything in my home is borax.) So I probably won’t be making too many more of these but I’m very pleased with the results!

Now, to finish that Minoru….


9 thoughts on “Nebulous nebulae

  1. Super cool! I love this! I used to work at a waterpark where we had to wear navy blue pants, and the chlorine would turn them pink in spots. I loved how it looked!

  2. This came out GREAT!!! Such a simple project with fabulous results! Lately I am finding tons of excuses to put off my sewing projects but, still crave making things(just with less effort). Definitely going to try this! Thanks!

  3. You make everything look cool! I've wondered about tryin this technique for ages, but never actually done it… Maybe it's got to happen! ๐Ÿ™‚ So btw – I just noticed that your blog bio says you and you sister blog here together… and then I paniced and wondered if I had been an idiot and not noticed you were different people! But now, seems like you are doing most of the posting lately… is it still a shared blog, or are you taking over for now?

  4. You know, I realized we didn't do a good job of explaining that we are, in fact, a sister blog! Even our good friends who read the blog get confused. In the past I've been really uneven about posting but Me-Made-May this year was just the kick in the pants I needed to start posting more regularly. If you see delightful gardening posts and fermentation posts, those are Bee's (aka my sis).

  5. Oh, it's so shameful, Gillian…I'm Crab's co-blogger but have been woefully non-contributing for a little while. I have been cooking up a garden update, I promise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ggaaa, that came out so cool! I also found the tutorial through Outsapop, but haven't figured out a piece of clothing to do it on.

  7. I was wondering how the effect would look on something other than black fabric… let me know if you end up experimenting!

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