A space of my own

During our wedding madness last year, I began to refer derisively to my desk as The Wedding Table. It held craft boxes, bridal party gifts, fabric… good things like my dress and these decorations came out of the madness, but by the end of it I was loathe to look upon the table. Off it went to the Goodwill. Bee generously lent me a stand-up table that I did most of my freelance work at.

After rearranging our living space three times, I found myself yearning for a table that could accommodate sewing and creative work. I work in an office now, so a stand-up desk wasn’t as crucial. I located this Ikea desk (in truth, quite similar to the old desk but a bit slimmer and classier) on Craigslist. Et voila, my Bernina has a home again!

My Bernina has a home again!

Eventually I’d love to have a whole room for sewing (or, more realistically, split an office with Nathan), but for now I’m super pleased to have a place to sew that isn’t our dining table!

Where do you sew? Do you dream of offering up even more space to your hobby?


8 thoughts on “A space of my own

  1. Love that table! Looks perfect for sewing. My guy & I are moving this summer and I absolutely insisted on a 2-bedroom apartment for my selfish sewing reasons only. After many years of sewing in a DORM ROOM, and now sewing in a tiny apartment where the dining table is permanent home to my machine, serger and rotary mat, I think it's finally time to give myself space where I can be apologetically messy, loud and just out of the way.

  2. Ooh, lucky you! I think my lack of space has kept my sewing equipment to just the machine and a small closet stuffed to the brim with fabric but if I ever get my hands on another room… look out! Enjoy your new space!

  3. It looks like it's going to be the perfect little space. I also sew on a thin long ikea table in a little corner. But it is perfect. I have my laptop, overlocker and machine all side by side. The only problem is finding a place to cut out – but there is always the little dining table behind me .. or the floor!!

  4. Hi Kirsty! Nice to see you here! I do a LOT of floor-cutting myself. The only problem is that Orson the Cat likes to eat pattern paper!

  5. Nice. It's important to have a little area of your own to work on. I sew (and work) on a massive cantilevered architect drafting table from Schiavello. It has a retractable crank for raising and lowering the whole thing and my I have my widescreeen +laptop set up at the back and my sewing machine sits at the front while I sew. I don't have a TV so I just stream tv series while I sew. Its great for tracing too. XD I do want to co-rent an actual studio with someone though (my desk and chair are currently sharing a room with Carl's desk and chair, the poor guy has to do his gaming with headphones on XD). Will be awesome to have a place just for sewing. That way my sh*t won't be all over the place at home.

  6. That sounds like a great setup until you get your own studio! I went through a major Monarch of the Glen phase and I think it was only because it was easy to watch while I sewed!

  7. Hi! I sew in the kitchen, so I have to put everything on the table, and pick up before dinner everytime I sew… so I WANT a ROOM for meee or a space like yours!!

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